Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Mommyhood & Direct Sales

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How many of you had a mom who stayed at home? Did she ever want to do more than sit at home?
My mom got into selling Tupperware. I remember when she would go to her friends' houses for Tupperware parties. I always enjoyed going to the evening parties to help.

We also had Mary Kay and Avon back in the day. When I think about these two direct sales it makes me think of Edward Scissorhands.

Direct Sales has come a long way since the days of Tupperware, Mary Kay and Avon.
We now have companies that sell tarts and candles like Jewelry in Candles, Scentsy and Pink Zebra.
What makes each of these different from the other? Jewelry in Candles has jewelry in their tarts and candles. They also have prize candles where you can win extra jewelry or big prizes like cruises. They just gave away a Harley Davidson Motorcycle in their Father's Day candles. Scentsy is tarts and a few other products to help your car and home smell good. Pink Zebra is "sprinkles" that you can mix and match to create your own candle or to put into a tart warmer.

We have many more cosmetic companies now also. I recently had tried out one called SeneGence. It is a great product that is water proof. It has a great business plan also, but what made this not score a 5 out of  5 rating for me? I am not the type of mom who has friends that shop high end products. We all know a lot of our business in Direct Sales comes from our friends and family. From them buying and using they talk about our business and products to friends which get us referrals. If we can't make that first and very impressionable sale on our friends and family then we won't grow our business! So high end pricing and products did not fall into my category.

Some of you I know think how can you juggle Direct Sales and being a mom.
I am not just a stay at home mom.  I am also a homeschooling mom.
I know some of you out there considering direct sales are mom's who work outside the home.
Some of you are work at home moms. So how do you juggle life and your direct sales businesses?
Just like if you would do for work, children's activities and blogging... You make a schedule.
Work your business the way you have it scheduled each day in between life, work and kids.

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