Monday, August 10, 2015

Momma Talks Money - Making Money With ZnZ

Blessed Monday Everyone!

I have a topic that I know many have scratched their heads over. Legit Work from Home opportunities. With me being a Stay at home mom I am always trying to find ways to earn at least a little bit here and there. Then one day I came across a post another SAHM posted on a page on Facebook. She posted about a way to work Part Time, but you get a Full Time income. It is not a get rich scheme, not a scam and does involve some dedication and time. So what is this job title/position? Referral Agent!

That is correct! You can make real incomes referring people through Affiliate programs and Referral Programs. But this one in particular is what caught my eye the most. I have been part of Affiliate programs where you earn a few dollars or a small percentage. ZnZ is totally different though. How? Larger referral payouts! Payouts in the area of $80 - $100 when doing the ZnZ program I am about to introduce you to!

My Sponsor's earnings of 5 days work

So you are now wondering how this works. ZnZ is a company that works with Fortune 500 companies. With people watching tv more through devices like Tivo and DVR or using Netflix for their viewing needs commercials don't cut it anymore for advertising. These companies use their funds that they would put into the commercials to send to companies like ZnZ. Companies like ZnZ use this to pay people to bring in customers for these companies. These people are called Referral Agents.

So how does a Referral Agent with ZnZ get paid? When you sign up you will be presented with offers. You will sign up for a few trials to earn credits. You can cancel your trials after 80% of the trial time has passed. Once you earn a full credit (1.00) your referral link becomes active and the referral agent who referred you gets paid.

How much will it cost to get credits? Depends on the offers you do. You can invest less than $15 to get your credit and this is a one time payout. After you get your first referral signed up and they get their full credit you will earn that back and then some. So a small investment to an opportunity that you can build a good future with.

What happens after you sign up and get your credit? I will contact you and get you set up with training! No the training does not cost. If you have Facebook I will simply have you add me so you can be added to the Training and Support Group. If you do not have access to Facebook I will send you emails with training help! I am here as your sponsor to cheer you on and help you become successful too!

How do you get this started? First off you will have to have a Credit or Debit card. Prepaid will not work and will actually get you banned from the site. Paypal Debit works, because this is viewed as a bank. If you have Capitol One 360 this will work as well. I used my Paypal Business Debit card. Secondly if you are using a computer you will want to do this on Firefox browser. The site was created in Firefox and will work best in that. If you use another browser some offers may not work correctly and credit to you. Granted some offers you may have to contact the company for the missing credits. Credits are paid out to you by the company itself not ZnZ. So if you do not have Firefox do not worry it is free to download! Download it here! You will also want to make sure you are using a private internet provider and not a public wifi connection. You can also use a smart phone or tablet to sign up.

What next? After you download the browser you will want to go here. Choose Paypal or Check for your prize then scroll to the bottom of the page. Enter your email address and move to the next step. You will go to an information page where you will fill out your information. You are now a member of ZnZ. You will have to make sure it says my email address and referral number on the "Referred By" if it does not then a support ticket will need to be sent in. This is simple to do. Just contact me by email with the subject line "Unreferred". After sign up you will now go to the Offers page. From here you will do any offer you are interested in to earn what is needed to make the full credit.

My recommendations:
  • Lifelock 0.20 credits
  • Cinematrix 0.10 credits
  • Disney Cakes & Sweets 0.10 credits
  • Baked & Delicious 0.10 credits
  • Video Stripe 0.15 credits
  • Protectmyid 0.10 credits
  • Getting Sleepy 0.20 credits
  • Credit Sesame 0.05 credits
These are the offers I completed to get my full credit. They credited instantly. Credit Sesame is not one I did, but my sponsor had recommended it. I did not do this one, because it is one I had done in the past. I did NextIssue but it did not credit for 3 days. I did not do this one for credits however, but more for interest in the service.

Once you sign up and get your credits will be in contact with you!
Anyone with questions can contact me at Be sure to put in the subject line questions znz so I know the email is not junk.

Disclosure: You will have to send a copy of your ID to the company before getting paid. This can be done simply by taking a picture with your cellphone and emailing it. This will be covered in training after sign up. This company is with the BBB and does file in to the Federal IRS. If you make a certain amount a W-9 form will have to be filed in. You are considered self employed and taxes filed in will be your responsibility.

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