Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Holiday Ready!

Hello again!

Hope all of you wonderful people are doing well this Holiday Season. Our home has not been too crazy yet. I know however as we near closer to Christmas Eve it will become crazy. This Christmas Eve we will be spending it at my brother in law's home with his family. We usually just cook a big dinner here on Christmas Day for ourselves, but it will be a nice change. My husband will be cooking the turkey with his brother while us women folk cook on other things.

Our Christmas shopping is almost done. I am awaiting my packages to all arrive from my orders I placed online. We will be going to Target to finish up our shopping this Friday. Really love the great deals they have. Not to mention the store is clean and smells like popcorn. I also like the fact that if I buy clothing from there it smells new and clean. Small gifts and stocking stuffers will be coming from Dollar Tree. My children love their Dollar Tree gifts as much as they love the other gifts. Small crafting items, puzzles, plush characters and toys in their stocking is always welcomed. Once the shopping is done the wrapping will begin.

I believe I will sit down today and begin my Christmas Eve list. This is where I list what I plan on cooking myself. I will mark if I am to make it ahead of time or not. I am planning on making homemade cloverleaf butter yeast rolls. My son helped me make some for Thanksgiving and he really enjoyed it. We will make these ahead of time baking them just enough. That way they can be brown and served Christmas Eve. Also got some fresh Sweet Potatoes for some sort of yummy side dish. Will have to look on Pinterest to decide what I will do with them.

Since we will be gone Christmas Eve day I will be planning a way to do our cookie tradition. My children and I always bake cookies for Santa to leave out. This year we might be making chocolate chip cookies, but that has yet to be fully determined. Instead of milk Santa will have a full tank of water on the Keruig and some cocoa by a mug waiting. We think he will enjoy something warm to drink in place of cold milk this year.

So what are you doing to get prepared? Are you celebrating Christmas or one of the other holidays we have this month? What are your holiday traditions? Let me know in the comments!

Many blessings!

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