Tuesday, June 21, 2016


The topic for today came to me through a Facebook post. It was actually something I read last night before heading off to bed. One 'friend' on Facebook posted up ranting and raving about the 'Find Dory' movie. She was mad over the fact that the movie has Lesbian and Transgender characters. Guess what people, the movie doesn't even show if they are a Lesbian couple or not. It shows two women in a public place. They could be friends or complete strangers. The movie doesn't show or state anything to cause people to believe they are Lesbians. I guess due to the fact one has short hair wearing what some would deem as a boyish style of clothing and the other is dressed down in what appears to be a tshirt, sweats and a sweat shirt around her waist then they are lesbians. Since when is being dressed tomboyish deemed as implying you are a Lesbian? For that fact since when is it implied you are Lesbian, because you are in public with another woman? People are getting really crazy with this mess. Even if they are Lesbians who cares. It isn't showing them in the bedroom getting after it like 'Sense 8' does right off the bat.

So with that being said let me start preaching here. These same people who are boycotting 'Finding Dory' are stating they are doing so out of their Christian faith. They are also "educating" others on the subject at hand, because the Devil is after our children through this movie. They believe children need to be protected from this movie when honestly none of these parents have even watched the movie themselves. One lady who made the post originally even stated her child does not want to see this movie now and is disappointed, because it was stated there are Lesbians and a Transgender character in it. Let me preach a bit now on the subject.

This really makes my heart sad to see people fearing indifference. It makes me mad when they hide behind religion to make it okay and to justify it. In the bible it states we are not to judge other peoples' sins. We are only to judge our own and to speak out on our own. So right there right off the bat you are going against God's words in the name of God to "spread the word" against the Devil. Remember God put him here to test people. A lot of us are failing that test a great deal! I will get to the part of how we are failing the test in a moment. We also judge others and use the factor "I have friends of different races and sexual orientations so that automatically makes me not judging others who are a different race or sexual orientation." Guess what... It doesn't work that way.

So now let me explain this out to everyone. We see indifference around us all the time. Those who are not open to indifference need it be difference of race, sexual orientation or even religion become full of fear. I will say it here like I say everywhere else. Fear equals control. We are learning to fear anyone that is different out of the good faith of our religion. But in the words of the bible we are not to fear anyone, but God himself. So how can we fear indifference and people, but it be okay to do so within our religious faith? The word of God even states we are not to do so.

So think on this tidbit. Fear means control. We are controlled by our fears in everything. Think on it seriously. I will use today's events to show my point. Terrorist attack us creating fear. We fear them. Because those terrorist were of a certain faith outside of Christianity we now fear different faiths. We think it is a sign from God that we must now fear all things we deem as not being Christian. Well since Christian denominations do not all carry the same full beliefs we end up deeming other Christians as being of the devil due to a difference of view in belief. We then start turning against things like LGBT and stop naming our own sins to name everyone elses. Within this fear we have started to support people who are deemed hate mongers, because they promise to rid our area of those we have created fear against. So now we have Fear and Hate in the picture. Fear creates control. The ones who allow their Fear to create Hate uses our Fears to control us in their favor. Do you know what comes next? War. I will also add Greed falls into this due to the fact people control others out of Greed. So we have Greed from the terrorist and from the hate monger. Do you see where this is going yet?

The devil is not after our children in a movie. God is trying to show us to love indifference and to focus on ourselves. It is not a sin to look away from sin that is not our own. It is okay to preach God's word, but make sure it is the factual parts. Not the parts you make up to justify your wrong choices. We can not learn from a single sentence of a book. We have to read the whole book. Every chapter not just a single sentence. So are you with me now? The devil is there placing fear in your heart. He is the one pushing you to place judgment. He is there pushing you to make your faith all about spreading his word of fear and hate. To help teach others to do this out of he word of God. So stop fearing others. Remove fear from your life and your heart. Live life, love much and laugh often. Don't just say the words, but do them. Only those with the purest of hearts will enter through the gates. Ever wonder what this means? It means our hearts have to be pure free of fear and hate. Also stop and think on this. We fight and have wars. If we showed love, compassion and empathy we would be able to fight against war and hate. We fight wars, because we fear death. Those who go against our enemies don't fear death. They have vowed to protect us and give their lives up to do so. We hide behind them out of fear. Erase fear and hate and we erase war. Plain and simple. It is a vicious cycle.

So with that being said live, laugh and love. Take your kids out to see 'Finding Dory' and rejoice in the life you have been blessed with. Love thy neighbor and smile at a stranger.
Have a blessed Tuesday!

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