Wednesday, June 22, 2016

History In The Making

I am sitting here right now participating in making my voice heard. I am so proud to be an American right now. So glad to be a part of this and able to make my voice heard through social media. Our Democratic leaders are sitting in on the floor chanting No Bill No Break. Some people are saying they are breaking laws and how that is the house of the people. These people are making the voices of the people heard! Educate yourselves. I have heard so many people call into C-Span putting these leaders down for doing so. Why are they doing this? Because they are against Gun Reform! Why are they against Gun Reform? Because they are scared the government is trying to take away their guns.

Let me educate some of you out there who think they are. They are trying to get a bill voted on simple as that. A bill that makes Guns unavailable to those who are on a no fly list. Why should a person suspected of being a possible terrorist that is not allowed to fly on a plane be allowed to legally buy a gun? No one is trying to take your precious guns away from you. Also let me state right now before people start attacking me calling me a liberal or gun hater. One I am not a Democrat or a Republican. I am an Independent. This means I am an independent thinker who looks at the whole picture! I do not go for one party or the other. I go for what I believe is right. I grew up in a home that had more than one gun in it. My family members own pistols and rifles. They hunt and I have gone out as well as a child and young adult to hunt. I have talked about getting a permit for concealed carry after I had a woman try and attack me in a Walmart parking lot over a parking spot in front of my children. I did not get a concealed weapon carry however, because I am not going to allow fear to control me. I will own a gun for hunting or to protect my home, but I can promise you this. It will not be a military grade weapon!

I believe this. If you are against Gun Reform and scared they will take your gun away then you have something to hide. You have something that will show up on that background check and you know it means you will not get a gun. If that's not the case then why be against gun safety being improved on? Really now. I am being serious. Why are you against guns being taken away from the bad people? They are not taking away your gun. They are taking away them from being able to legally buy a gun. I will also point this out. People are saying they are breaking rules with this sit in. They are not doing their jobs. Guess what they are doing their job and then some! The House Speaker is not allowing them to vote on a bill that is up for vote. That is against the rules. That is against our Constitutional Rights! #NoBillNoBreak! #NoFlyNoBuy! If a person can not board a plane then they should not be allowed to buy a gun!

Do your jobs! Stop running and hiding! The Republicans are now getting in the faces of Democratic leaders saying "Radical Islam" killed these people. A bad man who bought a gun legally killed people! People deemed as being terrorist! Terrorist should  not be able to buy a gun legally! They should not be able to buy one period, but these are not illegal guns being used. These are legally purchased guns! They are being bought by people who have been watched in the past. People who have been called into the police in the past. So why not vote?!?! What are you scared of?!?! Oh yea that's right. You are all rolling in the money that the NRA is paying you. Stop taking bribes and do your damn jobs!Vote! If you vote against the bill then be ready to explain why you think a Terrorist should be allowed to legally buy a gun. Why you think a Terrorist should be able to use a legally purchased weapon to kill our American citizens!!!! So stop running and hiding counting your bribe money from the NRA and do your jobs!

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