Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Late Night Ramblings

So here I sit at 12:50 am bored out of my mind. I figured I would blog a little bit since it has been awhile. So what is new in my world? Not too much.

We started giving Easy Peasy Homeschool Curriculum a try. The older grade levels seem to have plenty going on to be challenging and educational. It is a great site for my younger two with their reading. We do not stick with the grade level math assignments though for my young ones. They need a challenge. Granted it is fun to play math games, but that is not enough.

We had started going to church in August. My kiddos have been to VBS in the past, but never regularly attended. Thanks to allergies, my asthma and the fact our little church is out in the country where allergens are in masses... We have had to skip on the church going so far this month. Two hospital visits for breathing treatments after going to church are no fun. Also extremely costly, especially when they decide you need two breathing treatments before being discharged. The kids enjoy attending church and playing with the other children. Since starting back to church however we have had to deal with colds, which were not common before, my oldest son having head to toe hives after getting over a viral infection and now my asthma. Some people would say it is the devil trying to keep us from worship. I say that is a load of... Always remember as long as you gather where there are 2 or more there you may worship and fellowship in his name.

I have also been tossing around some ideas lately. I enjoy being a stay at home mom. I love to write also. I have started writing poetry again which is a huge passion of mine. I started submitting some of my poems to literary magazines. I also hope to write short stories and a novel in my near future. I have written one novel, but the story line is needing some serious tweaking. Hopefully in  the future I will be a published novelist. We shall see where that road takes me.

I am also tossing around some ideas dealing with this blog. I need to serious write more often. That part I do know. The other part is what to write on. I enjoy talking about the things going on in my life. However my life is rather boring. I do plan on discussing however parts of my life that can give some insight to other moms out there. Parts like earning some extra cash from home, homeschooling, being a mom to a special needs child, ect... There is always something going on in my life that I might find boring, but some of you out there might read and say, "Thank god I am not the only one." An example being if I was to write a post saying all I wanted to do all day was eat ice cream and cry. Yes, I do have days like that. Do any of you want to sit around in pajamas all day long with your favorite Ben and Jerry's flavor? Another might be if I wrote and talked about my teen son being a total disrespectful tool at times. You as a parent might read it and think, "I am so glad to see I am not a bad parent. It is just my child and their hormonal milestones in life." I will add this, what is hormonal for them is horror for us. I often wonder daily if I am going to survive these "milestones". This is where the ice cream and crying comes into play sometimes.

So there you have the "new" things going on in my boring life. I hope all of you are having a blessed week. Don't forget our children grow up too fast. Make lots of memories and grow many smiles.

Many Blessings,

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