Sunday, November 20, 2016

10 Tips on how to save Holiday Shopping

It is that time of year again!

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Yep that is right, it is Christmas Shopping Season!
You know what that means. 
Empty bank accounts and maxed out credit cards!
Don't fret!
There are ways to save and get the most for your buck.
1) Ebates:
This is what you do for saving money with Ebates.
First you must sign up so go here and get your Ebates account set up.
After you do that choose a store of your liking through the list of stores.
It will show you active sales and coupons for different sites you can shop through.
The best time to do this is when they have major online sales going on.
You will receive cash back from your purchases.
Another way to earn back is to refer family and friends.

2) Swagbucks:
This one is one of my favorites to use year round.
With Swagbucks you earn points that are called... You guessed it- Swagbucks. 
 You can use these towards gift cards which make great gifts or use to buy gifts.
There are a lot of ways to earn with Swagbucks. 
First go here and sign up.
You earn "cash back" when you shop your favorite sites through Swagbucks.
If you use coupons you can earn Swagbucks very easy.
They have coupons you print online then redeem in stores.
For every coupon you redeem you earn Swagbucks.
Games, Videos, Polls, Surveys and Referrals are more ways to earn.
If you shop through Swagbucks use in the same manner as Ebates.
You can get some great deals and earn gift cards!

3) Target Cartwheel
I am a huge Target fan. I drive 45 minutes away just to shop here.
This is where I do my Christmas shopping the most.
If I don't shop in store I shop online. Why? Best deals I can find!
They have amazing in store clearance and deals everyday.
So this is what you do to optimize your savings.
You can stack manufacture coupons with Cartwheel.
Now I am not going to say you can also put store coupons in, because I am not sure on that.
Read up on the Coupon Policy for Target.

4) Online Sales:
Yes online sales are a great way to save money!
Some might be saying what about shipping cost though.
When some sites are doing sales during the holiday season they include free shipping.
Now I will warn that some sites such as Walmart might offer free shipping for a certain amount.
If the products ship from an outside  source there will be shipping (possibly extra) tacked on.

5) Flipps:
Use this great app to find the best sales in town.

6) Rewards Cards:
Shop using rewards cards!
I have one for Walgreens which I love!
Yes you can get great gifts and stocking stuffers from Walgreens.

7) Shop Pre-owned:
We do this for video games and units.
My kids don't mind used, because they know it means they get more.
Santa also shops pre-owned!
If you are buying clothing search online thrift shops like Thredup.
Use this link and get $10 free to shop with!

8) Set gift budgets:
I tell my kids to pick gifts that are not over $20.
They get one big gift for them to share, but individually nothing over $20.
They usually just tell us they want anything Star Wars or whatever they like.
I then search online or in stores for things on sale they would like.
The cheap brands are okay to buy also. 

9) Dollar Stores:
When we lived in Oregon the favorite store to shop was the 99 cent store.
Now in Louisiana I get to shop Dollar Tree.
They have perfect little gifts and stocking stuffers.
My kids like to craft so I buy them crafting supplies from here.
You can also create simple gift baskets or mug sets for friends and family.

10) Coupons and Sales:
Department stores send these out in weekly circulars.
There are also coupon apps for your smart phones.
Some will alert you of sales and coupons while in stores.
Find what works for you and roll with it!
There are also apps like Checkout 51 and Receipt Hog which gives you cash back.
Simply take a picture of your receipt with the app.

Remember, the most important thing is time with family!

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