About Me

I am a mother.
I am a wife.
I am an artist, photographer, writer, poet and all of the little things in between.
I am the inventor of the boogie man repellent in our home.
I am a super hero by day and a mommy at night.
I wipe away tears, kiss bobos and make all things better.

I enjoy writing. I have 4 poems in print through poetry.com. I have one children's book self published (non illustrated) through lulu.com. I have 3 little boys and one wonderful husband. I enjoy drawing and researching my family history. Reading is a great passion of mine as well. I am a sufferer of ADHD, Depression and Anxiety. My kids are my ADHD medication. They keep me grounded and worn out to where I am not full of extra energy. I have also come to find out I am Pre-Diabetic. My life is making changes for the better due to my health. I am on a journey to become a more healthy happy momma.

I am addicted to Facebook and Twitter (@mommas_kitchen). I have wonderful Tweeps I enjoy tweeting with and wonderful friends and family I chat with on my Facebook. I believe the internet is a wonderful thing. I have found many people from my childhood and family members I have never met.

I am a firm believer in family and will fight for those who I consider to be part of my family. I am known as the mouth of the south, because I use my words effectively when I get mad or feel the need to.

I enjoy photography as a hobby as well. I hope to make something of it someday. Art is a huge love in my life. My children and pets are my favorite subjects.

Music is another love in my life. Music to me is life. Our moods change due to the music we listen to. Our style of music reflects our personalities and enjoyments greatly. I enjoy all types of music from Country, R&B, Hip Hop and Classical.