Sunday, November 20, 2016

10 Tips on how to save Holiday Shopping

It is that time of year again!

Photo Credit: Christmas lights | by dave416 @ Flickr

Yep that is right, it is Christmas Shopping Season!
You know what that means. 
Empty bank accounts and maxed out credit cards!
Don't fret!
There are ways to save and get the most for your buck.
1) Ebates:
This is what you do for saving money with Ebates.
First you must sign up so go here and get your Ebates account set up.
After you do that choose a store of your liking through the list of stores.
It will show you active sales and coupons for different sites you can shop through.
The best time to do this is when they have major online sales going on.
You will receive cash back from your purchases.
Another way to earn back is to refer family and friends.

2) Swagbucks:
This one is one of my favorites to use year round.
With Swagbucks you earn points that are called... You guessed it- Swagbucks. 
 You can use these towards gift cards which make great gifts or use to buy gifts.
There are a lot of ways to earn with Swagbucks. 
First go here and sign up.
You earn "cash back" when you shop your favorite sites through Swagbucks.
If you use coupons you can earn Swagbucks very easy.
They have coupons you print online then redeem in stores.
For every coupon you redeem you earn Swagbucks.
Games, Videos, Polls, Surveys and Referrals are more ways to earn.
If you shop through Swagbucks use in the same manner as Ebates.
You can get some great deals and earn gift cards!

3) Target Cartwheel
I am a huge Target fan. I drive 45 minutes away just to shop here.
This is where I do my Christmas shopping the most.
If I don't shop in store I shop online. Why? Best deals I can find!
They have amazing in store clearance and deals everyday.
So this is what you do to optimize your savings.
You can stack manufacture coupons with Cartwheel.
Now I am not going to say you can also put store coupons in, because I am not sure on that.
Read up on the Coupon Policy for Target.

4) Online Sales:
Yes online sales are a great way to save money!
Some might be saying what about shipping cost though.
When some sites are doing sales during the holiday season they include free shipping.
Now I will warn that some sites such as Walmart might offer free shipping for a certain amount.
If the products ship from an outside  source there will be shipping (possibly extra) tacked on.

5) Flipps:
Use this great app to find the best sales in town.

6) Rewards Cards:
Shop using rewards cards!
I have one for Walgreens which I love!
Yes you can get great gifts and stocking stuffers from Walgreens.

7) Shop Pre-owned:
We do this for video games and units.
My kids don't mind used, because they know it means they get more.
Santa also shops pre-owned!
If you are buying clothing search online thrift shops like Thredup.
Use this link and get $10 free to shop with!

8) Set gift budgets:
I tell my kids to pick gifts that are not over $20.
They get one big gift for them to share, but individually nothing over $20.
They usually just tell us they want anything Star Wars or whatever they like.
I then search online or in stores for things on sale they would like.
The cheap brands are okay to buy also. 

9) Dollar Stores:
When we lived in Oregon the favorite store to shop was the 99 cent store.
Now in Louisiana I get to shop Dollar Tree.
They have perfect little gifts and stocking stuffers.
My kids like to craft so I buy them crafting supplies from here.
You can also create simple gift baskets or mug sets for friends and family.

10) Coupons and Sales:
Department stores send these out in weekly circulars.
There are also coupon apps for your smart phones.
Some will alert you of sales and coupons while in stores.
Find what works for you and roll with it!
There are also apps like Checkout 51 and Receipt Hog which gives you cash back.
Simply take a picture of your receipt with the app.

Remember, the most important thing is time with family!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Late Night Ramblings

So here I sit at 12:50 am bored out of my mind. I figured I would blog a little bit since it has been awhile. So what is new in my world? Not too much.

We started giving Easy Peasy Homeschool Curriculum a try. The older grade levels seem to have plenty going on to be challenging and educational. It is a great site for my younger two with their reading. We do not stick with the grade level math assignments though for my young ones. They need a challenge. Granted it is fun to play math games, but that is not enough.

We had started going to church in August. My kiddos have been to VBS in the past, but never regularly attended. Thanks to allergies, my asthma and the fact our little church is out in the country where allergens are in masses... We have had to skip on the church going so far this month. Two hospital visits for breathing treatments after going to church are no fun. Also extremely costly, especially when they decide you need two breathing treatments before being discharged. The kids enjoy attending church and playing with the other children. Since starting back to church however we have had to deal with colds, which were not common before, my oldest son having head to toe hives after getting over a viral infection and now my asthma. Some people would say it is the devil trying to keep us from worship. I say that is a load of... Always remember as long as you gather where there are 2 or more there you may worship and fellowship in his name.

I have also been tossing around some ideas lately. I enjoy being a stay at home mom. I love to write also. I have started writing poetry again which is a huge passion of mine. I started submitting some of my poems to literary magazines. I also hope to write short stories and a novel in my near future. I have written one novel, but the story line is needing some serious tweaking. Hopefully in  the future I will be a published novelist. We shall see where that road takes me.

I am also tossing around some ideas dealing with this blog. I need to serious write more often. That part I do know. The other part is what to write on. I enjoy talking about the things going on in my life. However my life is rather boring. I do plan on discussing however parts of my life that can give some insight to other moms out there. Parts like earning some extra cash from home, homeschooling, being a mom to a special needs child, ect... There is always something going on in my life that I might find boring, but some of you out there might read and say, "Thank god I am not the only one." An example being if I was to write a post saying all I wanted to do all day was eat ice cream and cry. Yes, I do have days like that. Do any of you want to sit around in pajamas all day long with your favorite Ben and Jerry's flavor? Another might be if I wrote and talked about my teen son being a total disrespectful tool at times. You as a parent might read it and think, "I am so glad to see I am not a bad parent. It is just my child and their hormonal milestones in life." I will add this, what is hormonal for them is horror for us. I often wonder daily if I am going to survive these "milestones". This is where the ice cream and crying comes into play sometimes.

So there you have the "new" things going on in my boring life. I hope all of you are having a blessed week. Don't forget our children grow up too fast. Make lots of memories and grow many smiles.

Many Blessings,

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

History In The Making

I am sitting here right now participating in making my voice heard. I am so proud to be an American right now. So glad to be a part of this and able to make my voice heard through social media. Our Democratic leaders are sitting in on the floor chanting No Bill No Break. Some people are saying they are breaking laws and how that is the house of the people. These people are making the voices of the people heard! Educate yourselves. I have heard so many people call into C-Span putting these leaders down for doing so. Why are they doing this? Because they are against Gun Reform! Why are they against Gun Reform? Because they are scared the government is trying to take away their guns.

Let me educate some of you out there who think they are. They are trying to get a bill voted on simple as that. A bill that makes Guns unavailable to those who are on a no fly list. Why should a person suspected of being a possible terrorist that is not allowed to fly on a plane be allowed to legally buy a gun? No one is trying to take your precious guns away from you. Also let me state right now before people start attacking me calling me a liberal or gun hater. One I am not a Democrat or a Republican. I am an Independent. This means I am an independent thinker who looks at the whole picture! I do not go for one party or the other. I go for what I believe is right. I grew up in a home that had more than one gun in it. My family members own pistols and rifles. They hunt and I have gone out as well as a child and young adult to hunt. I have talked about getting a permit for concealed carry after I had a woman try and attack me in a Walmart parking lot over a parking spot in front of my children. I did not get a concealed weapon carry however, because I am not going to allow fear to control me. I will own a gun for hunting or to protect my home, but I can promise you this. It will not be a military grade weapon!

I believe this. If you are against Gun Reform and scared they will take your gun away then you have something to hide. You have something that will show up on that background check and you know it means you will not get a gun. If that's not the case then why be against gun safety being improved on? Really now. I am being serious. Why are you against guns being taken away from the bad people? They are not taking away your gun. They are taking away them from being able to legally buy a gun. I will also point this out. People are saying they are breaking rules with this sit in. They are not doing their jobs. Guess what they are doing their job and then some! The House Speaker is not allowing them to vote on a bill that is up for vote. That is against the rules. That is against our Constitutional Rights! #NoBillNoBreak! #NoFlyNoBuy! If a person can not board a plane then they should not be allowed to buy a gun!

Do your jobs! Stop running and hiding! The Republicans are now getting in the faces of Democratic leaders saying "Radical Islam" killed these people. A bad man who bought a gun legally killed people! People deemed as being terrorist! Terrorist should  not be able to buy a gun legally! They should not be able to buy one period, but these are not illegal guns being used. These are legally purchased guns! They are being bought by people who have been watched in the past. People who have been called into the police in the past. So why not vote?!?! What are you scared of?!?! Oh yea that's right. You are all rolling in the money that the NRA is paying you. Stop taking bribes and do your damn jobs!Vote! If you vote against the bill then be ready to explain why you think a Terrorist should be allowed to legally buy a gun. Why you think a Terrorist should be able to use a legally purchased weapon to kill our American citizens!!!! So stop running and hiding counting your bribe money from the NRA and do your jobs!

The American Voice

The GOP Convention is nearing. As it draws closer more sponsors are backing out. Why? Some state it is just, because they will not be supporting either party this year. Others are doing so due to Donald Trump passing judging and making negative comments towards them. Ford has dropped out of being a sponsor. Trump spoke out against the company moving manufacturing to Mexico. Apple stepped back also, but gave no reason why. So could this be why the GOP is discussing a revolt against Trump? Could very well be. I do know from news outlets it has been stated they are not pleased with comments made about racial profiling.

Now let me take a step back here, because this is an opinion piece. I am not reporting on the news, but here to give my thoughts and opinions on what I have read so far. So let me first touch on the factor of the 'Racial Profiling'. Yes he did in fact suggest racial profiling, but there is fault in his statements. When asked if we should do more profiling on Muslims he stated that yes our country should and that it would be common sense. Media and Trump both should really stop calling this racial profiling, because Muslim is not a race! It is a religion. Racial and Religious profiling both are unethical. Just because someone is a certain nationality or religion does not mean they are terrorist. They need to do personality profiling on people in and outside of this country. Not racial and not religious. Psychological and lifestyle profiling would be a lot better to consider. We have white Christians in America who do just as many bad things as Radical Islamic Muslim. The Boston bombers weren't even Islamic. They were Russian! No one even emphasized that part. They just kept talking about them being Muslim and that one of the brothers went to the Middle East once.

We have so much fear in this country it isn't even funny. I have spoken about Fear in a post I wrote yesterday. In that one I did make mention of Trump and his hate mongering. How fear creates his hate which in part is destructive. I will go over this more in a bit. Right now I want to continue to touch on the topic of Trump and the lack of political knowledge. For that fact let me mention this. Most if not all politics now have zero true political knowledge. Some actually fight for what they believe to be right. Example today a group of democratic lawmakers staged a sit in today. They did this to prove they are serious about gun safety regulation. This is what you want to see. People peacefully fighting for what they believe to be right. We need more of this honestly within our government. People who are not scared to make a point without having to get ugly about it. It also did not cause issues with the countries budget like a past standoff. If you all remember a couple of years ago state offices were shut down due to a standoff between each party. The Republican party refused to deal with the budget if they did not do away with ObamaCare. Something that had already gone before a Sumpreme Court Judge and was deemed to be a new law for health care. So they were swatting at dead flies with that one all the while messing with our countries money. Honestly that reminded me of children when they don't get their way.

So what is Trump passionate about aside from his beautiful wife and daughter? He is passionate about making sure Mexicans are deported out of the country. Oh, but haven't you heard? He wants to bring in seasonal mexican workers to dairy farming. Dairy by the way is not a seasonal production. That is year round. Seasonal would be fruits and vegetables. All of those goodies you buy in the produce section of the grocery store are not grown year round in this country. A lot of them have to be grown in warmer climates such as South America and Mexico. If you were to buy strictly American grown organic produce it would only be available at times when it is possible to grow and harvest. That is why if you buy stuff when it is in season it is cheaper. That means it is coming from a more local vendor as in it is being grown and brought in from somewhere in our country. If they have to have it brought in from an outside country we pay higher prices. They are like the middle man I guess you could say. He also has stated he would like to do away with Foreign trade and keep everything American based. That means a lot of companies will be going out of business or prices on stuff will go up. Materials for items even if it is made here in America come from outside sources. You don't see us mining our lands for precious metals do you? Only thing we have started back to doing is drilling for oil inland more and natural gas. We have always had drilling going on, but there has been an increase on inland drilling.

We would also not have goods being sold to other countries. That means we will lose that money coming in. It will all depend on our countries economy. Did you know that China is said to be the richest country? It is due to their foreign trade. Not so much having stuff coming in, but the sales of what goes out. Haven't you noticed the majority of stuff you buy now was made in China. A few things say Taiwan, but majority of everything is Made in China. I wonder if they have cheaper labor there than we do here. Well we all have heard they have child sweatshops there. Your newly bought outfit you are wearing right this minute could very well have been made by a child in a sweatshop. The fabrics at one point stained with their blood, sweat and tears. That is another topic for another day though. Let me continue with Trump and politics of our country.

He also has stated he wants to build a wall between us and Mexico. When asked how this wall building will be funded he says "I will make Mexico pay for it." This got lots of hoots and hollers from people. More people jumped on the Trump bandwagon then. Let me point something out to you guys here. Trump can say he will make them build it, but a country who is not governed by our country leaders do not have to do jack squat Trump says. He can threaten to sue them. Our judicial system does not cover them. He can declare war on them. Then we end up looking like jackasses declaring war on a neighboring country all because they don't want to pay for a wall our President wants built. That would be like me going to my next door neighbor and telling them, "I want a privacy fence, because I am tired of seeing you in your hot tub. Oh and you will be the one paying for it." You know what that neighbor is going to do? Laugh in my face. If I go before a judge over the matter do you know what that judge is going to do? Laugh even harder in my face. My neighbor is not obligated to pay for a fence on my property. Just like I can not tell him what to do on his private property. He owns that I own mine. If I want something on mine I have to pay for it. I might could make a suggestion to him and he possibly consider it, but outside of that it's a no go.

My only other real issues with Trump would be the fact he is a hot head. It is okay to be a hot head, but there are times and places. Also there is a wrong and right way to put that hot head attitude into affect. Calling people fat and ugly is not one of them. Insulting and virtually stalking a woman on Twitter deeming her, because she has the right not to care anything for you is not the way to do it. Yes the media has gone after Trump a great deal. Do I think it is because they are scared he will win? Not really. I think it is because of one fact here. Trump brings ratings. Stop and think about it. I am writing this post here focused on him and the controversial parts of his campaign. I haven't even mentioned all of them yet and there are a lot. It is the same reason too why Trump acts out like he does making things into a circus. It gets ratings. So and so news anchor on Fox News blast Trump. Trump retaliates with insulting tweets deeming her as a woman. Guess what. He is now trending! Just like the whole faming criminals. If you want to tear someone apart you do not talk about them. You ignore them. But if they did that they would be stuck talking about Hillary and her boring old email scandal still. Nothing new has come out of that so it has become old news. Trump is a daily new news maker.

People honestly enjoy Drama. Trump and the Media know this so they feed it to you so they get what they want. Exposure. So let me touch more on the whole personality of Donald Trump. I don't know much on his finances. I have heard some stories, but honestly I do not care. How they do during the campaign is what is mainly viewed honestly. He is lacking in funding, but is very open to say he funds himself. Which come to find out was a lie. So I guess when he stated he is too honest to be in politics he lied again. Mr Trump if that was the factor to keep someone out I don't think you have to worry about that. Also his arrogance. It is nice to have a leader who is confident in themselves, but we do not need one who's confidence is due to ego. Trump is a vain man who thinks he is God's gift to women. I am about to turn a bit insulting here with how I am going to describe his image. Remember this is my honest opinion and I will not sugar coat anything. Mr Trump comes off as an oversized Oompa Loompa to me. One with a bad hair piece at that. Trump you would look a lot better bald and pale. Don't be ashamed of your white heritage. Honestly though who is he to talk poorly on someone's looks? I bet if I was to tell him to his face he was an Oompa Loompa he would get very upset and in part attack.

That brings me to the next issue I have with him. If he does not get his way he goes into attack mode. This is where the hot head issue comes in at. Honestly what if someone from another country says something to him that he takes offense to. Before you know it he is slinging insults left and right, because his ego tells him to lash out. Before you know it World War 3 is happening and all because someone might not have told him how handsome he is. He is a very ego center man. Egotistical is not the only thing that falls under ego. Fear and Hate also comes from our Egos. He also has zero political experience. His knowledge is in real estate and building businesses. America is not a business. We are not buying, selling and trading real estate. There is a lot more to politics than just that. Most people start from the bottom and work their way up to gain experience. He is jumping head first into the middle without even knowing where the sharks swim.

See there is a huge difference in building a company and running a country. Granted in business you can threaten to sue over everything. If you have the money to intimidate the other person might think oh wow I can't afford to go up against him I will lose. So in part they back down and give you what you want. That luxury is not there as a leader of a country. Instead of threatening to sue you threaten to go to war. This is a factor that happens out of ego and fear. Remember here there are a difference in confidence and ego driven confidence. The general with confidence and a big army will know they can go to war easily, but it is a greater victory to work things out without violence and deaths. The general with ego driven confidence will run head first into war no matter the size of their army. In the process they might win or lose, but everyone involved loses. How? We end up with civilians in our country or theirs dead. Innocent civilians at that, women and children. Our soldiers die and our army size diminishes. So which would you prefer to be lead by? Ego driven confident leader who thinks because he has an army he can get his way or a leader who has true confidence in himself and his ability to do right without violence. I personally would go for the one who has the confidence due to his abilities and not what he has.

Let me tell you where I believe Trump would have been better off. I am not going to say he never should have stepped up to run, because I at one point backed him. I stopped when I started to hear the fear in his words. One he should have ran Independent to begin with. He honestly does not carry views that goes with either party. He could have been spending all of this time Campaigning as an Independent petitioning the states to be on the ballot. Instead he has been being made to look like an ass and all the while showing his bad side. Not his positive attributes at all. He could have campaigned towards making America better and left out the racial stuff. Example if I were him and was asked if I believe there should be increased profiling of Muslims I wouldn't have simply said, "As a country we should enforce profiling more." I would have stated my point to be, "I do not think we should strictly focus on someone of a different faith, skin color or nationality. We have many people out there who have done horrific acts in the past from all walks of life. We should focus on psychological profiling." I would also add in this fact, "we need to get people in our communities to come together and be willing to speak up when something does not seem right. From there our local and federal law enforcement can  take steps to psychologically profile the person in question and investigate them further as a possible future threat. We as neighbors need to stand together in order to fight against terrorist and the fear they try to instill in us. With that fear they control our lives. We need to unite and become proud Americans again. We need to also remember that 'American' does not stand for one single race or faith. We are a melting pot of many and we all bring something great to the table. We all make this country great."

I made my point in the above and was positive not to single out anyone. He has had a bad history of doing that through out his campaign. This is why a lot of people are not supporting him anymore. Some within the GOP fear that he is making them look like a bunch of jackasses. You ever hear that saying to be mindful of the company you keep? If you keep poor company  then people will think the same of you as they do of them. Automatically deemed a bad seed, because your friend is in fact a bad seed. That is what is going on here. They fear now that people are seeing him as a hate monger who is just like Hitler that the GOP will be viewed as Nazis. Let me also point out that yes he does sound like Hitler. He is against specific nationalities and faiths. He adds in the sexist part though. Hitler to my knowledge was not a vain sexist. He was just a hate monger who also craved power. Granted to my knowledge Trump has not stated he wants to commit genocide, but he still has that mentality as what Hitler had. Who knows. Hitler could have only started out having the mentality then decided as it progressed and he got more power to commit genocide. Power does odd things to people.

So yea, Mr Trump you should have just went on and joined as an Independent candidate. I would have backed you more then if you could keep the ego and comments to yourself. Then again everyone always shows their true self eventually. We do need a person man or woman in office that has good business sense. Someone who is really good with numbers since numbers are big when it comes to budgeting. Someone who is compassionate and has empathy, but does not allow this to make them weak. They still have to have the nerve to stand up for what is right for the American people. We need to stop fretting over the small stuff and wanting to control other people. Example: The war on Abortion. I am against it unless it is absolutely medically needed. It is another person's right though to decide what they do with their body. Granted I might be against it though if it is done for selfish reasons such as "Well I don't know who the father is". If you can't keep your legs closed or use protection then simply put the child up for adoption. A lot of people out there can't have children and would love to give the one you don't want a home. Don't kill off the life inside your body. So since I am against this do I think we need to focus on making it against the law? No. Like I stated it is not our bodies and choices. Our right is to form our own opinion on it and choose who we want to be associated with. Just like with Same Sex Marriage. It is not our place to judge and tell someone what their sins are. We can speak out against stuff such as I am doing now and spread word of what we believe to be right, but we need to also respect other people. We don't have to like what they do or believe, but we do need to be kind. Otherwise we have fear form in our hearts and fear brings hate.

We also need someone who is a people person. They know how to get their point across without being ugly about it. They know how to ignore criticism and not let it get to them. They know how to not lash out. They simply strive to do good and do what they are there to do. Someone who is diplomatic and that stands not for one side and view, but can stand and look at both sides. Someone who can help get both sides of the spectrum to compromise. For that fact we need people like that in all political offices! We need real problems addressed and things need to grow with the changing times. We need to love our neighbor no matter their skin color, faith, where they came from or their sexual orientation. Like Mother Teresa said. Fight wars with love. If more people learned to love we would have less fear and hate. Fear and Hate is what causes Wars. People need to unite and change their mindsets. Life was amazing back in the day before we started having all the negative stuff spoon fed to us through the media. We weren't blind to the truth, but we were not fearful over everything. We did not fear walking out of our homes. More people have anxiety now and are scared to leave their home due to all of this mess. We also need to stop making these attackers around the world famous. Don't spend days televising and talking about what they did. Make short mention if you must, but don't sit and talk about them over and over again. This gives them what they want.

Oh and before I go since Hillary honestly is a bore. I can't do as big of a write up going on and on about her so I will add this. I don't know much about what happened with the whole email scandal, but if she did do something extremely illegal she does need to serve her time. That is white privileged other wise. She is dishonest and crooked. I think she has changed the higher up she has gone in politics. She use to be a woman I would have backed. Now she has become a person I would rather not even mention now. I honestly use to be passionate about backing both her and Trump. That was last year. They have shown their ugly sides. Now I would rather vote for Mickey Mouse. Also I will say this. If you think you as Americans can only go with what you are presented with you are wrong. This country was built for you by our Forefathers. It was created for us so we could have our freedom away from the crap that our ancestors endured. Remember the Boston Tea Party and all of what Ben Franklin as well as others fought for? We can fight against stuff in a lot better means than our ancestors did. We as a nation can make our voices heard fully united across the country without having to go to Boston and throw tea in the harbor. We have voices and the ability to be heard. It is our rights as Americans. So do not think you have to stand and take what is given to you. This is your country too. We hire our leaders and we have a say in who we want in office. A lot of states have taken away the right to write in votes as well has not putting Independent runners on ballots. This needs to be changed. Electoral votes also can go towards whoever the electoral of the state decides to vote on. They do not have to go by our votes if they choose not to. This needs to be changed. Educate yourself on the political elective process in your states and the country. Start speaking out to make your voice heard and to make changes. Make your vote really count! In all honesty we need to abolish parties and it be all done independently! If our leaders know nothing about independence and are biased to what their parties want then we will get nothing done. We call July 4th Independence Day for a reason. We need this country to go back to being about Independence in more ways than one.

With that I bid you ado. Remember you have a voice and we as Americans have the right to make that voice heard. Don't sit back and think we are screwed and just take what you have put in front of you. Till next time.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Rapist Who Are Good People

Now do not get  the wrong idea from my post title. I am in no way shape form or fashion stating Rapist are good people. It is the complete opposite in fact. This title is to address the view of people now a days on this topic. Now for this post I will be honoring the non-faming factor of a criminal. I refuse to give him his 15 minutes of limelight attention. As many of us have seen there is 'some dumbass' who is a privileged white kid that raped a young woman.

Did he get what he deserved within the justice system? Did the young woman get justice that was deserved to her? Nope. She was victimized over and over again by the boy's attorney. She was made out to be the one who did something wrong. So what did this 'dumbass' get for what he did? A slap on the wrist! He was given 6 months jail time which he will only be serving 3 months of that time. He also was given probation and has to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. Why? Because the judge a Stanford Alumni felt prison would be too hard on this kid. Oh did I forget to mention the protective custody while he is in jail? Yea they are worried he will be raped in jail.

I will also add that his daddy dearest feels this sentence is too harsh. His exact words as a matter of fact was all of that for just '20 minutes of action'. He thinks his son should only have to do community service speaking out against excessive drinking at parties and sexual promiscuity. Everyone who knows the 'dumbass' has talked about his likes and achievements. How the arrest due to his actions has made him depressed. No one has spoken about the victim. Not once. I read the letter the victim wrote addressing mainly her attacker. Yes I am calling him an attacker, because that is what he is. He preyed on a young woman that was in no shape to defend herself much less say no.

So I read her letter online and it really hit home for me. Her situation is much different from mine when I was raped. I will add however different circumstances does not mean it was different at all. I remember what happened to me. For an amount of time however I did not, because my brain shut out the details. So I do understand her pain of wanting to know what happened. People ask why would someone want to know the details? It is a step in healing. We want to know exactly what happened to ourselves so we can address it. You can't address something you know nothing about aside from someone else telling you. The fact of having to have your attacker fill in the blanks for you alone can be extremely traumatizing. This guy took advantage of her loss of time and memory to paint a picture that she wanted him. That she wanted the actions he forced upon her.

Then today I was looking through articles on Huffington Post. I came across one about a lady who is heading to Nebraska to address college rape. She is not only speaking up about it, but she is doing so to the face of a Coach who called her rapist good guys. That is correct guys. She was drugged and raped for over 6 hours by 4 male students at her college. At the time the coach at this Nebraska college was their football coach at the college she was attending. He only gave the two football players a short suspension from playing.  This was due to the fact he found them to be good guys who made a bad choice. A bad choice would be drinking too much and puking on your final exam the next day. Rape is not a mere bad choice. It is a crime which causes a victim to continue to be victimized. Due to her life being threatened after coming forward the charges were dropped.

Now let me tell the story of a young man accused of Rape. I want to show a big difference here. I want to show you why I say these two stories are due to White Privilege. A black male who was a successful football player had been accused of Rape. He was 17 years old I think it was, but do not hold me to this. It has been a few days since I read this article. Anyways this young man had a young lady accuse him of rape. I am not saying he did or didn't do it. I do not know the factors in the case or why he was convicted. I am using this as an example. He was sentenced to some years in prison. He was not just given a few months and that cut in half. He was not put under protective custody. He was put in a hard core prison not some jail. He did not come from a rich family and was like I stated a black male. He was given a hard cord sentencing. No one threatened his alleged victim. No one backed him the whole time saying he was a good guy. So why did they do this with the Stanford 'dumbass' and the 4 'dumbasses' from the latter story?

Sexual Assault has become a disease in this country. Allowing those we deem to be "good guys" to get away with it has too. We need to change our mindset. There is no certain look a Rapist has. He could be your next door neighbor that donates their time at the soup kitchen. Maybe even the deacon of your church. Heck it can even be the mom who helps out with every PTA meeting and school event. We can not just look and say, "Oh that is a good person. They are not a rapist." Also the mentality that a girl deserves the sexual assault, Really?!?! No one deserves it. Nobody! I don't care if a girl is wearing a skirt that her back side is hanging out of. If she does not verbally say hey I want you to have sex with me do not do it! If she is intoxicated to the point she can not make rational choices do not do it! If she is passed out do not do it! These are not a Yes! Also I will add there are girls who say No. Forcefully say no, fight back saying no, screaming in the attackers face saying no. No means no. Shoving your penis into her does not make the no a yes. Just wanted to make that clear.

Also if a girl doesn't fight back it doesn't mean she was not sexually assault. There is such a dogma around what Rape is. People think Rape means the female fought tooth and nail against her attacker. That she got beat up and sexually assaulted in a brutal way. They think if you are raped while drugged with a date rape drug then that is the only time a girl does not fight back. There are many cases where girls do not fight back due to fear. They are scared of whatever threat these dumbasses make towards them. They might be in shock due to the action that is going on. They might hope if they don't fight back the dumbass violating them will just get it over and done with.  That the dumbass will leave her be after. I will also add it doesn't matter if it is 1 second of action. That action on the attackers part creates a lifetime of victimization. It is not over for the victim the second it is over for the one attacking them. So why should they be let off so easy just because they didn't think for a few minutes of time? Also take into consideration that most people who do something and get away with it will become a repeat offender. Granted even offenders who do something and go to prison are likely to repeat. However if you have a young person who gets a slap on the wrist and told he is a good guy it was just a mere 20 minutes of action then he is going to view it as such. He will think it is okay I can just hire the best lawyers money can buy and do that mere 20 minutes of action again.

We need to crush this mindset in our culture and community. Sexual Assault of any kind is not okay. Touching a girl when she does not want it. Not cool. Pressuring someone into Sex. Not cool. Having sex with someone who does not want it. Not cool. So wake up and stop being blind. Do not continue to let that way of thinking continue. Just remember. That could have been your daughter, wife, mom or sister. What would you do if it was your family member who was Sexually Assaulted. Would it then be just a mere 20 minutes of action? A bad choice from a good guy? Stop victimizing the attackers. They are not the ones hurting here! Protect the victims! Help them understand and know they are not alone! Do not talk about the things the attacker will not be able to enjoy anymore. Do not talk about the future they are losing due to those 20 minutes of action. Talk about what was taken away from the one who was attacked. Talk about how they hurt. How they can't eat or sleep at night. How they deal with nightmares and feel completely and utterly alone. Stand up and be their voice when their own is too shaky to speak. Hold them up high and put the attackers where they belong. In the scum filled gutter.


The topic for today came to me through a Facebook post. It was actually something I read last night before heading off to bed. One 'friend' on Facebook posted up ranting and raving about the 'Find Dory' movie. She was mad over the fact that the movie has Lesbian and Transgender characters. Guess what people, the movie doesn't even show if they are a Lesbian couple or not. It shows two women in a public place. They could be friends or complete strangers. The movie doesn't show or state anything to cause people to believe they are Lesbians. I guess due to the fact one has short hair wearing what some would deem as a boyish style of clothing and the other is dressed down in what appears to be a tshirt, sweats and a sweat shirt around her waist then they are lesbians. Since when is being dressed tomboyish deemed as implying you are a Lesbian? For that fact since when is it implied you are Lesbian, because you are in public with another woman? People are getting really crazy with this mess. Even if they are Lesbians who cares. It isn't showing them in the bedroom getting after it like 'Sense 8' does right off the bat.

So with that being said let me start preaching here. These same people who are boycotting 'Finding Dory' are stating they are doing so out of their Christian faith. They are also "educating" others on the subject at hand, because the Devil is after our children through this movie. They believe children need to be protected from this movie when honestly none of these parents have even watched the movie themselves. One lady who made the post originally even stated her child does not want to see this movie now and is disappointed, because it was stated there are Lesbians and a Transgender character in it. Let me preach a bit now on the subject.

This really makes my heart sad to see people fearing indifference. It makes me mad when they hide behind religion to make it okay and to justify it. In the bible it states we are not to judge other peoples' sins. We are only to judge our own and to speak out on our own. So right there right off the bat you are going against God's words in the name of God to "spread the word" against the Devil. Remember God put him here to test people. A lot of us are failing that test a great deal! I will get to the part of how we are failing the test in a moment. We also judge others and use the factor "I have friends of different races and sexual orientations so that automatically makes me not judging others who are a different race or sexual orientation." Guess what... It doesn't work that way.

So now let me explain this out to everyone. We see indifference around us all the time. Those who are not open to indifference need it be difference of race, sexual orientation or even religion become full of fear. I will say it here like I say everywhere else. Fear equals control. We are learning to fear anyone that is different out of the good faith of our religion. But in the words of the bible we are not to fear anyone, but God himself. So how can we fear indifference and people, but it be okay to do so within our religious faith? The word of God even states we are not to do so.

So think on this tidbit. Fear means control. We are controlled by our fears in everything. Think on it seriously. I will use today's events to show my point. Terrorist attack us creating fear. We fear them. Because those terrorist were of a certain faith outside of Christianity we now fear different faiths. We think it is a sign from God that we must now fear all things we deem as not being Christian. Well since Christian denominations do not all carry the same full beliefs we end up deeming other Christians as being of the devil due to a difference of view in belief. We then start turning against things like LGBT and stop naming our own sins to name everyone elses. Within this fear we have started to support people who are deemed hate mongers, because they promise to rid our area of those we have created fear against. So now we have Fear and Hate in the picture. Fear creates control. The ones who allow their Fear to create Hate uses our Fears to control us in their favor. Do you know what comes next? War. I will also add Greed falls into this due to the fact people control others out of Greed. So we have Greed from the terrorist and from the hate monger. Do you see where this is going yet?

The devil is not after our children in a movie. God is trying to show us to love indifference and to focus on ourselves. It is not a sin to look away from sin that is not our own. It is okay to preach God's word, but make sure it is the factual parts. Not the parts you make up to justify your wrong choices. We can not learn from a single sentence of a book. We have to read the whole book. Every chapter not just a single sentence. So are you with me now? The devil is there placing fear in your heart. He is the one pushing you to place judgment. He is there pushing you to make your faith all about spreading his word of fear and hate. To help teach others to do this out of he word of God. So stop fearing others. Remove fear from your life and your heart. Live life, love much and laugh often. Don't just say the words, but do them. Only those with the purest of hearts will enter through the gates. Ever wonder what this means? It means our hearts have to be pure free of fear and hate. Also stop and think on this. We fight and have wars. If we showed love, compassion and empathy we would be able to fight against war and hate. We fight wars, because we fear death. Those who go against our enemies don't fear death. They have vowed to protect us and give their lives up to do so. We hide behind them out of fear. Erase fear and hate and we erase war. Plain and simple. It is a vicious cycle.

So with that being said live, laugh and love. Take your kids out to see 'Finding Dory' and rejoice in the life you have been blessed with. Love thy neighbor and smile at a stranger.
Have a blessed Tuesday!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Mommy Monday - June 20

I don't know if Mommy Monday is a thing or not... I guess I will make it a thing.
I figured I could revive this blog since it is my first one. I have had a lot of great memories created from writing here.

So I have some new projects in my life going on. I still homeschool my kiddos. My oldest will be 8th grade this coming school year which saddens my heart. Why? Because he is almost grown up. I feel like I have missed out on so much of his childhood due to Depression. Past couple of years it has been constant battle also with my ankle. I am constantly hurting it and having to be off of it. But I am not going to dwell on  what we have not gotten to do in the past. It will  take away from our present.

I am also building a business! I am really excited about this. I have been doing direct sales for a few years and in that time I have trained people on building their businesses. I have helped and coached people to success. So I have decided this is in fact my calling. It is not an idea that just popped into my head overnight. It is something I have thought about doing and wanted to do since I was a teenager. I enjoy helping people a great deal and have decided to take my own advice. I have decided to know my worth and make helping people a career. I will be covering coaching in other fields than just business building. I have a great deal of knowledge in health & fitness, Spirituality and life in general. So Empowerment Coaching will be my career title once my business gets kicked off and is in full swing.

I have also been doing some research on my Gilbert's Syndrome. I have found a plethora of  information and finally got my liver health in check. I am still making adjustments to my life like diet and such, but the new supplements I started has made a HUGE difference! I discovered my GS was causing my estrogen levels to be high. Reason... The phase 2 part that is affected by the GS in my liver is what filters out the used steroidal hormones. Estrogen being one of those. When the liver is not fully detoxing that out of your system it builds up. This phase not working properly also causes Toxin Overload. Many GS sufferers say we have symptoms and signs that doctors do not want to admit to. Technically we don't have symptoms and signs from GS aside from Jaundice. They are from Toxin Overload and such. Doctors are extremely technical people and you have to make them break things down to get answers. Do your research for sure when it comes to what is going on with your body. Also learn about how food affects your body and health. You will be amazed. I have learned so much when it comes to food, health and fitness with the journey I have been on.

I want to make mention of my new blog for my business.
Check out Journey With Me.

So with that update being made I shall bid all of you farewell.
Have a beautiful Monday and remember to stay positive and self motivate!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Holiday Ready!

Hello again!

Hope all of you wonderful people are doing well this Holiday Season. Our home has not been too crazy yet. I know however as we near closer to Christmas Eve it will become crazy. This Christmas Eve we will be spending it at my brother in law's home with his family. We usually just cook a big dinner here on Christmas Day for ourselves, but it will be a nice change. My husband will be cooking the turkey with his brother while us women folk cook on other things.

Our Christmas shopping is almost done. I am awaiting my packages to all arrive from my orders I placed online. We will be going to Target to finish up our shopping this Friday. Really love the great deals they have. Not to mention the store is clean and smells like popcorn. I also like the fact that if I buy clothing from there it smells new and clean. Small gifts and stocking stuffers will be coming from Dollar Tree. My children love their Dollar Tree gifts as much as they love the other gifts. Small crafting items, puzzles, plush characters and toys in their stocking is always welcomed. Once the shopping is done the wrapping will begin.

I believe I will sit down today and begin my Christmas Eve list. This is where I list what I plan on cooking myself. I will mark if I am to make it ahead of time or not. I am planning on making homemade cloverleaf butter yeast rolls. My son helped me make some for Thanksgiving and he really enjoyed it. We will make these ahead of time baking them just enough. That way they can be brown and served Christmas Eve. Also got some fresh Sweet Potatoes for some sort of yummy side dish. Will have to look on Pinterest to decide what I will do with them.

Since we will be gone Christmas Eve day I will be planning a way to do our cookie tradition. My children and I always bake cookies for Santa to leave out. This year we might be making chocolate chip cookies, but that has yet to be fully determined. Instead of milk Santa will have a full tank of water on the Keruig and some cocoa by a mug waiting. We think he will enjoy something warm to drink in place of cold milk this year.

So what are you doing to get prepared? Are you celebrating Christmas or one of the other holidays we have this month? What are your holiday traditions? Let me know in the comments!

Many blessings!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Momma Talks Money - Making Money With ZnZ

Blessed Monday Everyone!

I have a topic that I know many have scratched their heads over. Legit Work from Home opportunities. With me being a Stay at home mom I am always trying to find ways to earn at least a little bit here and there. Then one day I came across a post another SAHM posted on a page on Facebook. She posted about a way to work Part Time, but you get a Full Time income. It is not a get rich scheme, not a scam and does involve some dedication and time. So what is this job title/position? Referral Agent!

That is correct! You can make real incomes referring people through Affiliate programs and Referral Programs. But this one in particular is what caught my eye the most. I have been part of Affiliate programs where you earn a few dollars or a small percentage. ZnZ is totally different though. How? Larger referral payouts! Payouts in the area of $80 - $100 when doing the ZnZ program I am about to introduce you to!

My Sponsor's earnings of 5 days work

So you are now wondering how this works. ZnZ is a company that works with Fortune 500 companies. With people watching tv more through devices like Tivo and DVR or using Netflix for their viewing needs commercials don't cut it anymore for advertising. These companies use their funds that they would put into the commercials to send to companies like ZnZ. Companies like ZnZ use this to pay people to bring in customers for these companies. These people are called Referral Agents.

So how does a Referral Agent with ZnZ get paid? When you sign up you will be presented with offers. You will sign up for a few trials to earn credits. You can cancel your trials after 80% of the trial time has passed. Once you earn a full credit (1.00) your referral link becomes active and the referral agent who referred you gets paid.

How much will it cost to get credits? Depends on the offers you do. You can invest less than $15 to get your credit and this is a one time payout. After you get your first referral signed up and they get their full credit you will earn that back and then some. So a small investment to an opportunity that you can build a good future with.

What happens after you sign up and get your credit? I will contact you and get you set up with training! No the training does not cost. If you have Facebook I will simply have you add me so you can be added to the Training and Support Group. If you do not have access to Facebook I will send you emails with training help! I am here as your sponsor to cheer you on and help you become successful too!

How do you get this started? First off you will have to have a Credit or Debit card. Prepaid will not work and will actually get you banned from the site. Paypal Debit works, because this is viewed as a bank. If you have Capitol One 360 this will work as well. I used my Paypal Business Debit card. Secondly if you are using a computer you will want to do this on Firefox browser. The site was created in Firefox and will work best in that. If you use another browser some offers may not work correctly and credit to you. Granted some offers you may have to contact the company for the missing credits. Credits are paid out to you by the company itself not ZnZ. So if you do not have Firefox do not worry it is free to download! Download it here! You will also want to make sure you are using a private internet provider and not a public wifi connection. You can also use a smart phone or tablet to sign up.

What next? After you download the browser you will want to go here. Choose Paypal or Check for your prize then scroll to the bottom of the page. Enter your email address and move to the next step. You will go to an information page where you will fill out your information. You are now a member of ZnZ. You will have to make sure it says my email address and referral number on the "Referred By" if it does not then a support ticket will need to be sent in. This is simple to do. Just contact me by email with the subject line "Unreferred". After sign up you will now go to the Offers page. From here you will do any offer you are interested in to earn what is needed to make the full credit.

My recommendations:
  • Lifelock 0.20 credits
  • Cinematrix 0.10 credits
  • Disney Cakes & Sweets 0.10 credits
  • Baked & Delicious 0.10 credits
  • Video Stripe 0.15 credits
  • Protectmyid 0.10 credits
  • Getting Sleepy 0.20 credits
  • Credit Sesame 0.05 credits
These are the offers I completed to get my full credit. They credited instantly. Credit Sesame is not one I did, but my sponsor had recommended it. I did not do this one, because it is one I had done in the past. I did NextIssue but it did not credit for 3 days. I did not do this one for credits however, but more for interest in the service.

Once you sign up and get your credits will be in contact with you!
Anyone with questions can contact me at Be sure to put in the subject line questions znz so I know the email is not junk.

Disclosure: You will have to send a copy of your ID to the company before getting paid. This can be done simply by taking a picture with your cellphone and emailing it. This will be covered in training after sign up. This company is with the BBB and does file in to the Federal IRS. If you make a certain amount a W-9 form will have to be filed in. You are considered self employed and taxes filed in will be your responsibility.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

What Happened On Their 75th Anniversary

I love reading things on the internet that pulls at the heart strings.

This story is one of those kind.

It is the type you can only hope to experience in your lifetime.

So what happened on their 75th Wedding Anniversary?

Read now to find out!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Fashion Trends 2015!

Summer is halfway over and we are already looking at Fall Fashion Trends!

So what is going to be in this fall season?

Brooches and big earrings are being seen!
Grab those big earrings and the matching big necklace to accessorize your hottest outfit this Fall.

Next big thing is to throw your stiletto heels out! Comfort is in with Lady Loafers.
Don't think that comfort means bland though! Color and animal print will make for a great flash of personality!

Next up is Carwash Pleat skirts! They have been shown on the runway this season. So show off those legs with this great style!

Chic black boots will also be trending this fall. Grab a trendy pair of clunky boots to sport on those days when the weather is dreary.

A new hemline is making it's way into the Fall line up! Forget those pencil skirts with a straight hemmed look. Make sure to stock your fall wardrobe with a Flounce hem skirt or two!

Fur on the feet will be in! Remember though this should not be paired with a fur coat. Keep it simple and use this great asset to add some texture to your outfit.

Speaking of fur coats. Forget about them this Fall! Go with a coat that has cuffin style sleeves! Partial or full fur sleeves will be in when cold weather starts. Just remember only one fur item should be added to your outfits this year!

Remember the elegant ladies of vintage past that wore the gloves? Guess what! Gloves are in again! Elegant, Chic or wild. Gloves are no longer a thing of the past.

50 Shades of Grey has hit the runway! All grey suits in all shades of grey will be in! Want a little flair? Throw in some colorful shoes or something else that makes it pop.

High waist will be showing up this season.

Short skirts will also be in again. Time to hit the gym to tone your waist and legs!

Plaid will also be hot this. Does not matter what article of clothing or accessory it is seen on. It will be hot no matter how you wear it!

Also making an appearance on runways was the skinny scarf. A little boho chic goes a long way.

Can't forget about tights! Perfect thing to pair with lady loafers or chic black boots and a mini skirt!

So start getting your Fall Wardrobes ready ladies!

Many Blessings!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Mommyhood & Direct Sales

Hello Readers!

How many of you had a mom who stayed at home? Did she ever want to do more than sit at home?
My mom got into selling Tupperware. I remember when she would go to her friends' houses for Tupperware parties. I always enjoyed going to the evening parties to help.

We also had Mary Kay and Avon back in the day. When I think about these two direct sales it makes me think of Edward Scissorhands.

Direct Sales has come a long way since the days of Tupperware, Mary Kay and Avon.
We now have companies that sell tarts and candles like Jewelry in Candles, Scentsy and Pink Zebra.
What makes each of these different from the other? Jewelry in Candles has jewelry in their tarts and candles. They also have prize candles where you can win extra jewelry or big prizes like cruises. They just gave away a Harley Davidson Motorcycle in their Father's Day candles. Scentsy is tarts and a few other products to help your car and home smell good. Pink Zebra is "sprinkles" that you can mix and match to create your own candle or to put into a tart warmer.

We have many more cosmetic companies now also. I recently had tried out one called SeneGence. It is a great product that is water proof. It has a great business plan also, but what made this not score a 5 out of  5 rating for me? I am not the type of mom who has friends that shop high end products. We all know a lot of our business in Direct Sales comes from our friends and family. From them buying and using they talk about our business and products to friends which get us referrals. If we can't make that first and very impressionable sale on our friends and family then we won't grow our business! So high end pricing and products did not fall into my category.

Some of you I know think how can you juggle Direct Sales and being a mom.
I am not just a stay at home mom.  I am also a homeschooling mom.
I know some of you out there considering direct sales are mom's who work outside the home.
Some of you are work at home moms. So how do you juggle life and your direct sales businesses?
Just like if you would do for work, children's activities and blogging... You make a schedule.
Work your business the way you have it scheduled each day in between life, work and kids.

Would you like to know more about Jewelry in Candles or Avon? Contact me!

Would you like more tips on building your Direct Sales business?
Comment and let me know what you would like to hear about!

Many Blessings!