Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ready for Springtime!

I am probably not the only person ready for this to happen. We were having beautiful weather here in the south and then yesterday it became cold. We got sleet and possible snow late last night. I am ready for spring to be here. I am ready to be able to open my windows and have fresh air blow through my home.
I took one step yesterday to bring fresh and airy to my home with it still being cold outside. I shampooed my living room carpet! Getting all of that dirt out and odors my carpet became light and fluffy. This resulted in light fresh air in the home. Following with this I have started doing the same to my furniture. Shampooing and cleaning the dirty out of my couch. It has even made my couch fluffy and soft from being just dirty and flat. It is a true lift of not only the air in the home, but also the lift of energy in our home. You walk in and you may see clutter from my children's few toys, but you see clean furniture and a nice fluffy soft inviting carpet that makes you want to just slide your shoes off and feel that softness on your bare feet. It is an awesome feeling.
My rave today is going to be over the Bissell ProHeat 2x Carpet/Upholstrey Cleaner. It is well worth the money. They also make one for cleaning up after Pets!

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