Friday, June 18, 2010

Important Food Recalls!

It happened again. Last night Kraft's Facebook fan page broke out. People really like to gang up on one person when they say they don't get Mrs Brown and think she is crazy now. On a different note there are some cases of recalls that people should be more concerned with. Mold be gone now on to some real concerns.

There has been a Marie Callendar Recall. It is possibly linked to a Sallmonella Outbreak in 14 states. They are recalling all meals that are titled Marie Callender's Cheesy Chicken and Rice White Meat Chicken and Broccoli over Rice Topped with Rich Cheddar Sauce no matter the production date. If you have any of these in your home then contact the company.



Also there has been a recall on Campbell's Spaghetti 0's. The Paris, TX plant had a malfunction with one of the cookers, causing the meetballs to not get enough heat applied to them. Recalled are certain lots of three varieties of the pasta product often consumed by children: SpaghettiOs with Meatballs, SpaghettiOs A to Z with Meatballs, and SpaghettiOs Fun Shapes with Meatballs (Cars). The recalled products have "EST 4K," as well as a use-by date between June 2010 and December 2011 printed on the bottom of the can. The products were manufactured between December 2008 and June 2010 and distributed to retail establishments nationwide. If you have any of these in your home then contact the company.

1-800-257-8443 Monday - Friday 9AM to 7PM EST


(This link about the Spaghetti O's was also just passed on to me by a friend so I am going to add it on here for all of you as well.)

There have also been two other interesting bits of news to hit the internet. One is about our children's fruit juices containing lead. On the list I also observed cans of fruit as well.

Other popular children's juice drinks have high levels of arsenic in them.

Also as just posted in the comments GE Front Loader Washers have been recalled. They are being recalled due to fire and shock hazzard.

Is it really getting to the point that if we want our children to be healthy that we are going to have to grow it and make it ourselves? I guess it's time to turn Amish (with the exception of keeping the electronic luxuries). So while some of you are out battleing mold the rest of us are going to go worry about real recalls and problems that are a real danger to our children.

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Not food but the GE Front load washers have also been recalled.