Saturday, August 21, 2010

RIP Kathy

My Mother in law passed away yesterday morning around 7 am. I wish I had more time to have gotten to know her more than we had, but I am thankful for the chance to have met her. I am thankful for the fact my husband did get to meet his mom and see her the two times he did, before she passed away. I am thankful that my children got to meet their grandmother. It is hard to think that when we go back to Texas to visit Grandpa Don and Uncle Lenny that Grandma Kathy won't be there in her recliner laughing and smiling while she watches the kids play and run around being loud. There are memories of her in every inch of that house not only for us, but for her husband and oldest son.

From the stories we have heard about her she was a hard working lady who worked for her children. Due to some crazy stuff she had to leave my husband and his brother behind, but worked hard to bring them to where she was. Due to a lot of things that never happened. I found her via the internet (I found her sister in law who gave me her phone number) and we had the chance to meet her this summer. We only were able to go down twice due to my knee injury I had suffered this summer and my baby boy's hospital stay. A week or less after my son came out of the hospital my mother in law was admitted in. She was a strong and amazing lady. Very soft spoken. She left behind her husband, Her oldest son (he has Aspergers (sp?), blind in one eye and deaf so he lived home with them), My brother in law, My husband and 5 beautiful grandsons ( 2 from my brother in law and 3 from me and my husband). She also left behind 2 Daughter in laws. Myself and my brother in laws wife. Her brother and parents were waiting for her in heaven though and I am sure they welcomed her with open arms.

My oldest son took it really hard about her death, but we explained to him that she had been in the hospital for a while we just didn't tell him, because he was worried about his baby brother enough already. We explained to him that her cancer had been causing her a lot of pain so now she is in no more pain and is in a better place. We told him she went to heaven to be with Jesus. He decided since she is in a better place he is happy for her, but did tell me he still misses her. I told him that it is ok and completely normal to miss someone, because it shows that you cared about them and they touched your life. I am actually thinking about getting a plant or something of some sort for my children to either have indoors or plant outside in memory of their Grandma Kathy since there isn't going to be a service held for her upon her request.

Kathy you are a wonderful person to meet and know and I am blessed that you touched our lives. I regret we didn't get to have more time with you, but that is my selfishness because I know now that you are no longer in pain. I know you wanted to hang on to your new life longer and watch your grandchildren grow up, but we know you are watching us from heaven with your hand on our hearts. We love you and will miss you always until we join you in heaven.

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