Monday, November 19, 2007

Favorite Tip...

I love receiving my email tips from Flylady every day. My favorite tip today is Declutter for 15 minutes. Beleive it or not this actually helps out a lot! Especially if you are like me and already pretty much have your whole house clean just some clutter that needs to be picked up and sorted when you can sit down and do it. I can Declutter my kitchen, dining room and living room in 15 minutes time. Another tip I will share that I picked up from is this. Take your laundry basket with you while you pick up your living room. Everything that does not belong in your living room put it in the laundry basket. When you are done and have it all picked up and your living room looking good just take the basket and walk into each room placing the items that belong in their places. This should take 5 minutes or less. You get your living room picked up and declutterd in 15 minutes and an addition 5 minutes things that were in the living room find their way back to their own rooms into their own places where they belong.

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