Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Good Tuesday Morning!

Well it's just 2 more days till the big Turkey Day! If you need to do some last minute shopping now is the time. Last minute house cleaning as well. Do a mad dash today to get things picked up working at one thing at a time for 15 mins. Do somoe cleaning for a total of 45 minutes (the Flylady way) and then take a 15 minute break of whatever you want to do that does not involve cleaning so you don't burn yourself out fast. If you haven't taken your turkey's out to thaw yet do that now! It takes a turkey a few days to thaw out. Get your kitchen cleaned and prepared a head of time for the big cooking task you will be doing in it come Thanksgiving. Clean and disinfect counters, make sure all dishes and pans are clean. Clean your stove and oven and don't forget to sweep and mop. But first and foremost before you do anything in there "SHINE YOUR SINK". When you are cooking for the big dinner keep a sink of warm soapy water on one side and the other warm rinse water so you can wash as soon as you are done with it real quick so nothing sticks in case you need that same thing again to cook something else later on. Rinse it, dry it and put it away. This will also help keep clean up after everyone has eaten down. Also, just remember to smile and enjoy your time with your family. If you smile everyone else will smile and if something bad arises from it all just step back take a deep breath and relax. Gather yourself smile and laugh it off. Make the biggest funny about it that you can. Like if you burn something. "Oops. Hope you all like cajun style potatoes. haha" See easy as pumpkin pie. :-) Just remember if you can relax and go with it then your day will turn out great and your dinner even better because you have one thing to be thankful for and that is your familys!!

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