Saturday, August 8, 2009

I think these products are a keeper!


I am going to put my Momma Stamp of Approval on these items that has for sale.

Ok really now. Who doesn't want to be the next Rachael Ray or Martha Stewart. I myself love to make cakes and such and would love to be able to decorate my stuff to where it looks like Martha Stewart stepped into my kitchen and done it. With this miracle tool all you do is take the design shapes, press the design onto your cake in the icing and then use your decorating icing to follow the lines from the imprint. Voila! A beautifully decorated cake. :)

This book I have read myself and really enjoyed it. Very well written! I could not set it down once I started reading it. If you love stories of history pre-christian or even just in general you will love this book!

This movie had me laughing! I could not stop. My sides were even hurting and I was in tears. It is a must see!

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