Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Sunday

I spent my Sunday relaxing plus did some cleaning. I cleaned and conditioned my dining table and chairs with some Murphy's Oil Soap. Also shined and polished my kitchen sink. Made it look like my kitchen is smiling. Sorted clothes for whats being given away, thrown away, hung up and folded. Cleaned my kitchen up nice. I even rearranged my dishes, glasses and coffee cups. Made the kids dishes and cups more accessible for them and put the breakable stuff up higher. It has actually been a bit of a lazy Sunday here.

What did all of you do or what do you usually do on a Sunday?

I have also been checking out other blogging moms' work online. Found some awsome blogs I will have to try and get links for posted up soon. I won't be stingy. I'll share. :)

My oldest son as I had stated earlier this week started the First Grade which was also his first time to attend public school. He has been home schooled since he was well preschool age. Well no that's a lie. He started out doing educational games and such online when he was a year old. Yes my child was surfing the net playing Sesame Street and Blues Clues by the time he was 18 months old. He was really good at it too. Now he's growing up and learning to read. He is a quick study too. He can read off the words for the colors. Knows a good bit of the words for the numbers. He is doing really good and acts well in school. He is even making a lot of friends.

Let me know how your children did for their first day of school this year!

Night everyone!

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