Saturday, August 15, 2009

First Day of School in the South

My oldest son started the first grade yesterday. It is his first time attending a public school. He was so nervous hugging to me, his daddy and his grandma. Once we got in the classroom though and seen there was so many kids in his class he smiled and his nerves eased up. He went and sat in the desk of his choice which was one closest to where we were standing. Most of the desk were already full. He choice the group away from the two little girls who kept staring at him

He came home happy and told us about his day at school. He told us how the teacher had them take all of their supplies out and put them where they belong. They got to draw. He drew a building. They had recess. One little boy he made friends with at Vacation Bible School over the summer was in his class. Another little boy with the same name as my son (just one letter difference in his name) is also in the first grade, but in one of the other classrooms. It was one of the little girls birthdays so they had pink and blue cookies. He enjoyed his first half a day. He told us next week starts when they do all of the learning stuff like reading, writing, spelling and all the other fun stuff.

Has your child had their first day yet? How was their first days at school? Post it up in the comments and let me know.

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