Monday, July 26, 2010

Home Sweet Home

We came home from the hospital on Saturday late afternoon. We now have a new specialist added to our list. My baby boy will now be going to see a kidney doctor. Have had a very busy day today. Have a busy week next week with a doctor appointment with the kidney specialist and speech evaluation. Doctor appointment with the regular family doctor this week. Still trying to get everything ready for school for my older two. All school supplies are bought except for one pack of brown construction paper and one pack of white construction paper.

I am thinking I will go through clothes from last year and see what still fits who. See what will get passed down and is worth keeping. See who needs what bought for them for their school year wardrobe. I know new shoes, socks and underwear is on that list. Something that is always on that list each season or more. It will be odd only having my youngest home. He will start Pre-K next year. Makes me want to cry. I think I am going to cry first day of school when my middle son starts Kindergarten. I won't know how to act without him home all day with me. Will have to come up with some hobbies for sure, because the youngest one just goes on doing his thing on his own. So independent for such a little man.

I am hoping to get to sit down and start working on my first cookbook. It will be called Momma Talks Food. Thinking of making the first one a collection of Fall oriented recipes. Aim for it to be done and posted up on here to purchase by Fall 2010! Maybe once life slows down around here some for me I will be able to do a few more projects. Well it is late and about bed time around here so I will close for the night.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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Jenny said...

Saying big prayers for the baby's recovery. Hugs, Jenny