Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Internet is full of babies here lately!

I have seen friends from FB to Twitter post up about their new arrivals being born recently to seeing post about "Yay, I'm Pregnant"... This is always amazing! It is everywhere also it seems. Even my friends from the July 2007 BabyFit group have already had another and some are pregnant now or again for the second time since. I got my tubes tied after having my baby boy. One kids cost a lot! My baby was born with a cleft lip and palate and it would not be fair to a baby to have their attention stolen due to more attention, because of medical appointments, surgeries and such. However my choice to get my tubes tied has not changed my mind to wanting to have a little girl! It seems like here lately since my baby boy turned 3 my middle son's 5 birthday just around the corner (Tuesday to be exact) and my oldest going to be 8 in a month and one week from today I have that baby aching going on. My babies are growing up and I seriously need something to fill that void.

I feel like screaming "I want a baby!", but part of me is screaming "Noooooooo!!"... One section of my brain says take up scrapbooking or something. Read a book. But whatever you do DO NOT have a baby! As I write this my 3 year old and soon to be 5 year old are fighting. Whining and crying is of course going on. Yelling at each other also. All because both are tired and need a nap yet for some strange reason are refusing to take one! Yet I still think I need a 4th child! Only if it's a girl though. No more testosterone needs to grace our doorstep. I also think I may be starting the early phases of the change kind of early. I have and show all signs of it. Could this be why I am craving a baby so badly? Is my body saying it wants and it needs, because that maternal clock is ticking down?

I have even been wanting to get into doing some hobbies. Stuff I have not done in years or at all. More motherly things. I want to learn to sew really good, because I would love to make my kids' Halloween Costumes one year! Or even if they need a costume for school or something. I love to bake as well and would love to bake and donate goodies for Bake Sales or the school Carnival. Which I think I just might do so this year! :) I am not Martha Stewart. Don't claim to be either. I would love to one day be more of the "Susie Homemaker" type although I doubt I ever truly will be one. I do enjoy doing things with my family (aside from the screaming and fights that is... After naptime I am all for it!) and I love to bake. I just don't enjoy the cleaning the house from top to bottom part. I clean what needs to be clean. I am not a big spring cleaning person. I do however when I am motivated clean my frig out and go through my cabinets more than just once a year. My frig gets cleaned out at least once a month. My cabinets twice a year depending on how much accumulates in them. Maybe I can quench my mommy thirst for a new baby by throwing in more mommy acts for hobbies. Who knows.

Now to all of my friends who were blessed in the recent days, weeks and months Congrats to all of you. To those of you who lost your little angles before or after birth just remember they are angels now looking down on you and will be reunited with you one day. For all of you who have found out that you are expecting a bundle of joy congratulations and treasure every second of your pregnancy because those are the days later on down the road you will wish you could do over and do them differently or sat back and enjoyed them more. You will sit and wonder if there was something more you could have done or wished for one more day of relaxation and feeling those little kicks when they start. Some pregnancies are not the best I know this from experience with all 3 of mine, but all of them are special. Also remember... They grow up way too fast!!

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