Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday has tripped on top of me!

It is Friday! YAY! Sad however this Friday for a high school in the neighboring parish. I just seen online via my Facebook that the school was placed on lockdown. One person stated that a child murdered his parents and possibly others. The newspaper states a student committed violence on his family and then threatened a student which a threat of the nature causes the school to go on lockdown and the authorities to be called and come in. Yet people wonder why a lot of families are starting to turn to home schooling. This is a small area. Big school due to the out of city limits children being sent here (and soon to be more kids going due to them being in that parish and a small town school being closed down). What is wrong with everything these days? The worst that would happen at school back in the day was a fist fight. Yea meet me out under the tree I am going to break your nose for looking at my girl type of thing. Now it has come to people dying and these kids having access to the weapons to cause it!

On a plus side. It's pay day! YAY! My husband is going to invest in a new prepaid phone. He has the Motorola iClutch I believe it is. It totally sucks and I am glad they had no more when he went in to buy our phones. They only had a blackberry as a matter of fact so that's how I ended up with my blackberry (through boost mobile... Awesome phone, but service coverage could be a bit better.)He is going to get him a LG Rumor Touch and is totally excited, because he can now do Facebook on his phone. That and he will be able to do IM through yahoo and aol if he wants from his phone. He will also be able to surf the web via the Opera Mini browser. If it turns out to be a good phone I might have to trade in my Blackberry for one just so we are on the same prepaid service. But then again I may not. My Blackberry has really grown on me. :)

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