Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Here comes Santa Claus...


I hope all of you have had a chance to read my blog about the family in Oregon. Well I received an email over the weekend from a freecycle.com yahoo group I am in. A person was asking for clothes for children in a family in need. This family moved to Louisiana a month ago from up north. They had stuff stored at a friends house for the time being. Here recently there has been a lot of rain and well the "friends" for some reason left the tarps off of the familys belongings. They lost EVERYTHING. All of their clothes and shoes. Furniture, towels, kitchen stuff... When I say everything I mean everything. Things that takes awhile for people to be able to get up for their home. Their clothes for themselves and all 4 children. Even shoes.

This story hit me like the one I blogged about last week. It reminded me greatly of what had happened to that family. The father even is working a low income job which might bring in 200 a week if that and does odd jobs on the side to try and make ends meet. Our Cub Scout Den is going to be helping this family out this month and next month along side a community group hopefully. I am hoping our whole Cub Scout Pack will be doing this so we can do a good donation drive to collect stuff this month and next month for this family. It breaks my heart that things like this can happen to families with such small children. It is really sad.

My younger two kids are even going to go through their toys and pick out some they no longer play with to give to these kids for Christmas. This is a good lesson for any child. If any of you want to teach your kids the true meaning of Christmas and some really good Values pick a family who is in need out from some different sites online. Cafemom.com has groups where people ask for help or join something like freecycle. There are plenty of sites and groups out there where people who need help or even people who know someone who needs help post up asking for it. It is a really good lesson in life for kids and just remember Karma shows when it needs to. I help people out when I can and how ever I can, because I know one day that was me and it could be me again.

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