Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Holidays are just around the corner!

Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween! I know we did. Too much candy though!

Now here is my problem. We have a tight income. Christmas is coming up. I have this month and next month to buy stuff for the kids gifts. We of course have our bills we have to pay. Whatever cost now for my oldest son's Cub Scouts.

How do you cut bills in half? How do you cut the pesky grocery bill in half for that fact. I have tried and have yet to succeed. It is hard to get everyone in my house on board and still be able to eat healthy myself. I am supposed to be on a strict diet due to my liver and other health issues. I am the only one in my household who can live without any kind of meat. I can live off of fruits and veges. Everyone else wants junk or meat and potatoes.

How do I get my family on board?

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Anonymous said...

its simple cook things dont look like its got veggies in it and make fruit fun by putting it on a skewer and letting them dip it in yogurt? there are alot of coupon sites you can get on to save money on anything from noodles to milk i will look some of my faves up and let you know :)