Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Is It Naptime Yet?

I have had one long week! Emotional roller coaster as well too. With the stuff in our area going on it has brought up bad memories of bad people resulting in some sleepless nights and some nights of nightmares and horrible sleep. For those who know me they know I end up with a short fuse and very cranky when I am extremely tired and have a list of things I need to be doing, but I am too tired to drag myself to do them. Maybe today will be the day I get to get a small nap in even though it is one of those days that I have a list of things to do.

On another note. We think our oldest son may have ADD. We noticed since he was younger that he had concentration issues. We wanted to wait and see to make sure it wasn't just his age. He would slip off into la la land very easily and could be looking at you when your talking, but not even tell you what you just said to him. He gets this blank stare in his eyes basically. Well he started public school last year and he done very well in school except like his DOLs, but he still made honor roll every report card. His teacher last year also was a lot more fun than his teacher this year. He told me his teacher this year is kind of boring and it's hard to pay attention to her. This is causing my child to get distracted during the test that he is having to do. He has brought home two Fs now 2 weeks in a row. My husband talked to him and told him he needs to stop doing anything and try to pay attention best he can when he is in class. When he stops fidgeting and is still and looks at you attentively he can tell you word for word what you just said.

Some people have thought I am jumping the gun on this to say ADD, but I know the signs and have dealt personally with ADHD. I have had ADHD with diagnoses since I was a baby. My mother said I had problems sleeping when I was a baby. I still do to this day have issues with insomnia sometimes or with sleeping soundly and restfully. My husband thinks just because I am passed out and snoring that I am not having problems sleeping. I keep trying to explain to him no it's not that I am not sleeping it is that I am not resting. How do you explain to someone that because your brain is going 90 to nothing you aren't getting a peaceful sleep no matter if you are passed out all night long? I get so frustrated and confused trying to explain anything to him. He takes things the wrong way or he reads into stuff I say. He takes what he wants out of what is said and tosses the pain part to the side more or less. What's bad like last night he had just got done talking to our son about distractions and what he can do to try and pay attention better yet I tell him I didn't hear something, because I had a distraction (my 3 year old son) causing me to not pay attention. It's not hard for me to space. I can do it from 0 - 60 in 1.1 seconds. One minute I could be looking at you listening next my mind is off on a cruise.

On another note. We might still get to be a busy family together. They are still trying to establish a Cub Scout pack for the area my son goes to school. The lady who had originally said she can volunteer as the pack leader is now possibly backing out. My husband talked to me last night and I told him what I talked to BSA about and he said he will volunteer to be pack leader if I help him with it. I had originally said if no one else will do it I will do that and be den leader to the 2nd and 3rd graders until someone can do pack leader. Yes I am the type of person who will volunteer for anything and everything and stretch myself if it is something that helps kids out. I love kids and love working around them. I use to babysit everyones kids since I was 15. I of course had other jobs growing up, but that was one I loved. I worked for a family the lady was an older grandma aged lady who was blind. Her and her husband had a 5 year old they had adopted from fostering. I sat with them during the day while her husband was at work. I was home schooled at the time so it gave me something good to do with my time and I learned a lot. I would volunteer for the things that the moms would go to the school to help with so she wasn't left out on having someone there with her for these things.

One of my fondest memories was going to her school with her and helping the kids make sock puppets. I had a huge box of different craft things like strings of beads, googly eyes and so forth and these children let their imaginations go. It was awesome to be a part of that. I took my lunch with me in my old lunch box from when I was in grade school and sat with them and had lunch. I was probably 16 years old at this time. I road the bus to school and back home with her every day that week. It was a lot of fun. I even went out and had recess with all of the kids. lol I volunteered to work the school carnival. I sold tickets. The ladies had to make me take a break and go have fun. I got bored instead got something to eat and went and sat on the playground and watched everyone doing the games and stuff. I wanted to do something productive. That is who I am. I use to volunteer for my church's youth ministries. I worked on their newsletter. I participated in all of the youth group's activities. I worked on their website and took the pictures of everything for the website. I stopped doing all of this and stopped going to this church because in my time of need no one was there for me except for our preacher.

My great grandmother was in the hospital dying and me and my mom were there with her taking care of her. This whole time only one person asked where I was after it was already announced in church that our family needed prayers and why. When someone asked about me however I was referred to as that girl. Out of the 3 months I had been greatly active in that church working with this person's wife with things for the youth ministries I got called that girl "whatshername". When I did come back to church one time (and the last time) I had brought my now husband with me. At the time we were just friends, because we had just met. We had talked for a few weeks online and then met face to face the day before. He had told me he wanted to go with me to church when I decided I was ready to go back after all of the stuff that had been going on the weeks prior. I came into church and everyone was being nosy. They wanted to know who my husband was. Did he have family in the area. Where was he from and where did he live now. I even got asked is this your boyfriend, are you guys dating and so are we to expect him coming with you more often or all the time to church. My preacher was the only person who did not try to pry into my personal life. I introduced my husband to him and he shook his hand and told him he was pleased to meet him and have him in our church. I have not been back since.

I am actually looking forward to Cub Scouts and greatly hope they do get the pack established. I can wait for it to happen. It would be cool if my husband does end up volunteering to be the pack leader, because then we all will be doing it as a family. Family time is good time. We need to do more as a family after the year we have had last year. We were getting closer as a family and my hubby was doing more with the kids, but then Summer set in and stress set in with a few life problems. Now we are almost back to square one. It is time to put the brakes on that train wreck waiting to happen. We think more family time will help us all out more. It will give us that time to relax more and have fun. With the busy lives we live now with the baby's medical stuff, my oldest son's schooling, my middle son's home schooling and my husband work we get to going in all kinds of directions. We have one vehicle so in the mornings we have to get up early to leave here and have enough time to drop my husband off at work and me get my oldest to school on time. Two days out of the week I take my youngest for speech. I take advantage of that 30 minutes and me and my middle son do some practice on writing letters and/or numbers. Yesterday he practiced writing his A's and X's. He even wrote his name for me and 1 - 5. It gives him something to do instead of just sitting in an empty room that looks like a jail cell it's so plain.

Today however I just have to work on my kitchen and do usual household stuff, before I wander my way to my son's school to pick him up this evening. I think I might try to sneak in a nap somewhere in between. :)

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