Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sweet Kisses...

Every morning I wake up. I put a load of clothes on to wash just before I go to bed and usually get up in the middle of the night and put them in the dryer so they are fresh out of the dryer for my son and my husband. Want them looking and smelling fresh for work and school after all. I get everyones stuff together and make my rounds. Wake up my oldest first, because he takes the longest to get up and get dressed. Wake my husband and he usually wakes our middle son and gets him ready. I leave the baby for last and get him up and going after I have gotten myself dressed and ready to start my day.

We then pile into the car and take daddy to work. My oldest gets out of the back seat after we drop daddy off and on his way around the car he stops to give me a hug and a kiss since he won't be able to do so before he gets out of the car at school. My husband then stops and gives me a hug and a kiss before he goes into the shop. We drop my oldest off at school and head back home. As I am getting my other two out of the car they both come up to me and give me a hug and sweet little kisses.

By the time bedtime comes back around I have already received numerous sweet little hugs and kisses from my younger two, my husband and yes even my 8 year old son. What makes these hugs and kisses so sweet is the fact that I don't have to ask for them. They are given freely.

When I am sad I am given a hug and a kiss.
When a tear runs down my face from happiness or stress I am given a hug and a kiss.
When I give a gift I receive a hug and a kiss.
When I fix dinner and hand out plates I am given a hug and a kiss.
When I am just simply sitting here blogging I am given a hug and a kiss.

There is no end to the Sweetness I receive from my men and I count every single one as a blessing. These are the things that keep me going every day.

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Kimberly said...

My 2 year old has recently started giving me hugs and kisses and even saying "I love You" without asking. It melts my heart every time ;)