Monday, January 10, 2011

Where is my snow?

I am sitting here literally trying to "thaw out". We had a winter storm hit us here in the south. Burrrr...

All winter I have waited for my snow. Heard the other day a winter storm was moving towards our area. We were looking at 1" - 3" of snow.

Yesterday morning I woke up expecting to already see some snow on the ground. They said it would have started in the middle of the night around midnight to 2 am. I look out to see nothing but some drizzling rain (freezing rain at that).

Well I snuggled back up in my bed watching the weather channel. All of a sudden I hear "ting ting ting" on my windows.

I jump up and hurry to my front door and look out to see huge pellets of sleet falling. I got excited, because this usually means snow is close by.

Not long after my announcement of the sleet a friend of ours peeked out the window and said, "Don't get me wrong, but doesn't that look like snow?"

All excited about the snow we were now getting which was sticking we were already planning on building a snowman and having snowball fights.

Within 20 to 30 minutes our precious snow stopped falling. Freezing rain came back and the icicles began to form on anything and everything.

All day the weather people kept saying snow will come. It will start out mixing with the sleet and freezing rain before it switches over to just snow. Yet my snow never came.

I instead got stuck with an ice rink. Our roads have ice, bridges are either frozen over if you are out in the country or slick and slushy if you are in town.

Ice is normal for the south (or to me it is since all but one winter before meeting my husband was ice and winter before we met was ice and snow from December into January)so it is not like this is not a normal thing here. I just wish instead of the ice deciding to make an appearance again that the snow would have instead.

So here I sit at my computer with my hot coffee trying to warm myself up, because even though our heat is on it is still cool since I am near a window. My toes are cold and feel like they are as frozen as the trees and power lines outside my door.

Now we shall see how long it takes for our little town to thaw out. Temps are slowly moving above freezing (although wind chill is remaining below), but our lows will be down yet again so we will probably refreeze.

Hopefully the skating rinks we call roads and bridges will be thawed out come Wednesday since we have a Pre-op appointment that day for our baby boy.

Hope everyone who has been effected by this are staying warm and safe!

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Kimberly said...

That freezing rain is brutal! Be careful out there. We are supposed to get a couple inches this afternoon!