Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Summer is Here

My son's official last day of school was yesterday.

What does this mean for our family?

Hopefully a fun filled summer and not a stress filled one.

We already have our first summer weekend plans made.

We plan to head for the border for Memorial Day Weekend!

Yep that is a big 10-4 good buddy.

Our family is heading to the Texas border.

Hoping to hit up the beautiful Toledo Bend Lake!

Our very first visit to this little spot of Texas was last year same time.

My husband met a very special lady that day.

Or should I say seen a very special lady again after too many years past that day.

That was when our children and myself met my husband's mom for the first time.

She has since passed away to liver cancer and this will be our first time back down to visit since her passing.

I am also hoping for a lot of this summer as well.

Can't call it a good summer without the grill fired up at least once a week.

Also can not forget my all time favorite.

Margaritas... Talk about Yummy!

Everyone loves my Virgin Ritas and always say that they would be perfect with some Rum.

Now with that out in the open that I am a Non-Alcoholic Margarita sipping momma let me share my recipe so all of you can enjoy some icy cold Virgin Ritas on a hot day too.

Now this is all about how you like your Ritas so I shall give you the grounds and stuff like Ice you can figure on your own of how much you like.

Momma Talks Virgin Rita Recipe
First add 1 cup of Orange Juice
Add 1 can of lime juice from concentrate
Add about a cup - cup and a half of your favorite Margarita Mix (this you can do for your taste)
Add a cup of ice to start off and blend well. If it's not icy enough for your taste add more ice and blend some more.

Take and cut a lemon or lime into fourths. Cut a small slit in the wedges and rub them around the rim wetting the rims with the juice. This is to help the salt stick.
Dip each cup after wetting with lemon/lime juice into your Margarita Lime Salt.
Pour the Rita into each cup and garnish as you wish. You can do so by just placing a wedge on the rim or drop a tropical umbrella in the mix. Sip from a straw or the cup.

Hope everyone enjoys my Virgin Rita recipe and remember to stay cool while those temperatures rise!

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