Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bring Kyron Home!

I blogged about this little boy last summer. He had come up missing from his school. His name is Kyron Horman and I am sure many of you have heard this name or seen it many times. Today will mark the one year anniversary of him coming up missing. This family is still trying to find Kyron.

If you guys would like to help out they are asking for people to print out a flyer and pass them out if they will.

Kyron Flyers are available online as a pdf so people can print them.

They also have an ebay store and are taking donations to help fund the continued search of this young man. So check out their site at and see what you might can do on your part to help out.

Remember if you have any information about Kyron and this missing child case call call the Tip Line at: 503-261-2847. If it is a critical or urgent matter call 911. Help this family find their closure and their son.

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