Sunday, June 5, 2011

Momma Fave: Sluiter Nation

Sluiter Nation is a big favorite of mine. Kate is an awesome writer who brings all who read her blog into her life. Her life is like any other person's. It is not cupcakes and rainbows. It is real and it throws her curve balls the same as anyone else's life.

Kate also has blogged and tweeted about being a PPD Survivor. Yes I called her a Survivor, because ANYONE can survive anything thrown at them. She is a teacher, a wife and a mother. She blogs about the different aspects of her life past and present. I really enjoy reading her post each day.

Her tweets are just as awesome to read. You really should follow her on Twitter! @Ksluiter is where it's happening! Also like her Facebook page for Sluiter Nation and show her some awesome love.

I asked Kate about why she started blogging and she said she started writing for herself. She realized it was touching the lives of her readers soon after. Recently she has wanted to give back to her readers somehow. She is starting a series called A Handmade Summer to give back to her readers. She is also looking into starting a non profit/charity for Cancer Research that she calls "Write Away Cancer".

Everyone I believe would enjoy reading her blog from her Top 10 Tuesdays to her post about her adorable little man. She definitely earns my Stamp of Approval for not only her blog, but her as a person.


Sluiter Nation said...

Thank you for this lovely feature! So glad you love Sluiter Nation! ::hugs and kisses::

LC said...

I should be the one thanking you for such a great blog for me to read everyday! I have enjoyed it! :)

Jackie said...

I have to agree with you 100%.... especially after having met her in real life. She is a great person!