Monday, June 6, 2011

#ProjectMarriage: Love Story

My love story isn't like a fairytale story you heard as a child. I met my husband online through yahoo. Neither of us were looking for relationships just looking to make new friends. We met in February and talked back and forth through email. One Friday night I was actually at home and so we got to talk on yahoo messenger. We talked for hours and clicked instantly. He ended up telling me he had a part I needed for my truck that my grandfather gave me.

Mardi Gras 2011

He then came out to look at my truck and work on it the next day. First time we ever met face to face we fell in love. He always tells everyone first he seen my truck and fell in love with it then he seen me and fell in love with me. We were friends and hung out every evening that week. Started dating and dated for a week. Got engaged was engaged for a week. Then I moved in with him. We were together through ups and downs for 9 months then married December 31, 2001. We found out not long after our wedding that we were expecting our first boy.

My other 3 special guys

Our wedding was no fairytale wedding and was actually ruined by some people. People thought our wedding should be a joke since to them our marriage was going to be one. Here we are almost 10 years later with 3 boys and still married. We love each other a lot and know life and marriage is not easy. We have our ups and our downs just like anyone else. We just hang on tight for the ride and get through it. I know at the end of a bad day my husband will be here to hug me and make it all better.

6 comments: said...

What a sweet story!
I found you through "Follow Me Chickadee" via Sippy Cup Mom!

Kimberly said...

Typical dude...fell in love with the truck.
What a sweet story. I'm sorry people ruined your wedding. Jerk faces

Denise McD said...

Who ever said this isnt a beautiful love story! It is beautiful and one to share with your children for their entire lives... You look so happy your boys are beautiful! Enjoy the roller coaster of marriage I know I have! UGH (sometimes) lol

I found you over at the tuesday follow me chickadee blog hop... Hope you can check me out I have over 10 prizes in a birthday bash giveaway right now :)

Wendy said...

Thanks you guys. :) Yes Kim def a typical male. He tells EVERYONE "I fell in love with her truck before I fell in love with her." I always thought it was my boobs that caught his eye first.lmao

Our love story actually is a little longer from how he proposed and all that, but from day one people tried to break us up so I left details I do remember walking in a park one day talking about how our child would be playing at that park in the future. :) It was so sweet. We literally fell in love with each other instantly and I am shocked it moved as fast as it did.

I am happy it did though because he is my pain in the ass and I am his. :) Not many people can put up with either one of

Tina @ Life Without Pink said...

Men and their trucks! Cute story, thanks so much for linking up to #projectmarriage!

Mommyfriend Lori said...

Thanks for sharing! 10 years is quite an accomplishment! Wishing you many, many more wonderful years together!