Monday, June 13, 2011

My Little Men

I look at them today. All three standing tall.

I see so much of me while they drive me up a wall.

We have our good days and we have our bad.

They make me mad and sometimes sad.

But most of the time they make me smile.

All of their craziness and running wild.

With the names flying saying "Poo Poo Head".

Then a punch to the side and a slap to the head.

They are all three 100% boy.

Proud of the gray hair they put on my head.

And the heart attacks they like to give.

They are my little men and they make me very proud.

My special little "Poo Poo Heads" who are always on the prowl.

So if you see us out one day and you hear a loud scream.

Just look the other way and say a little prayer.

Life as the mother of three boys is never boring that is for sure. Just today we had to travel our 70+ miles to take the baby to see his ENT specialist. He would not talk for his doctors much to show how he can talk really well now. They had walked out and a while later were walking back in the room. He did not realize this and called his Bubba a poo poo head. Needless to say they heard how well he makes his "P" sounds.

It is a never ending story with my boys though. Stop running, don't climb on that, I don't know what that is, What no I am not going to smell/taste that... I walk through my house and skate across my kitchen on Hot Wheels cars. I feel like I have been shot in the foot when I step on stray Army men who have become MIA from their platoons. I have outlawed Legos from ever being brought back into our house for this same reason and I think the Army Men will be next. Playdough in the carpet, marker and crayons on the walls. Even had a lovely person drawn on my black refrigerator by my youngest one day with sidewalk chalk, because he thought since it was black like his chalkboard... Well you get the jest of it.

Help cleaning up their messes are constant battles. Help from the oldest to help teach the youngest right is like pulling out my wisdom teeth. Instead of them following him he follows them. Yes my family is a bit backwards. My 5 year old screams in stores when he doesn't get his way. He lays down in the floor or sits in the floor and screams, crys, says we don't love him. What do I do? I tell him ok that I am going to finish what I came in there for so I can go home. What does my husband do? Gets mad at him for screaming and embarrassing him making people look disapproving at us like we are horrible parents.

I have come to find that if you ignore the child when they act out like that they stop a lot faster than if you say something to them. This has even been said by a lady who teaches parenting. If you are in public and your child starts to throw a fit with you don't say anything to them. Like for me with my youngest he usually fusses when he gets out in the shopping cart. I simply put him in and make sure he won't fall out. I ignore him and go on with what I am there to do. He screams for a couple of minutes then he usually ends up looking at a sales paper or a box of snacks that I have handed to him.

My 5 year old who screams in the middle of the floor gets ignored and I tell him the sooner we get out of the store and go home he can watch some tv and rest with a snack. He usually stops his screaming gets up and starts talking to me about wanting something. Or in his case this morning. He threw a fit wanting a box of cereal. My husband just kept telling him no he can't have that. I told him (once I got him to stop and listen to me) that I have a coupon for that kind of cereal at home. I told him to put that one back where he got it from and later we will get our coupons and go get the bigger boxes cheaper so he can get more than one box. This completely diffused the situation and everyone was happy again.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer day!


Kimberly said...

This is so sweet. Even though a poo head was involved.

Wendy said...

haha yea thats my 3 (soon to be 4) year old's fave thing to call everyone.lmao