Saturday, September 11, 2010

That would never happen here... But it just did.

West Ouachita community was devastated yesterday. While the principal of West Ouachita High School talked with staff about the suicide of Nathan Redmond they received information from the school resource officers that their school was going on lockdown. Students were told to turn their desk over and hide behind them. They were locked in the classrooms. What possibly could have caused them to go from mourning the loss of a student who took his life to this? In the 7am hour of the morning Ouachita Parish police officers received a phone call stating that there were 2 people murdered in their home and the possible suspect was on his way to WOHS to harm a student. Dalton Fletcher was arrested at the school (no students were harmed and no shots were fired despite rumors). There was a shotgun found in his vehicle not on him.

The police have no motives as to why this happened, but some if not all students know why. Dalton's girlfriend broke up with him which had caused him to lose it. He shot his parents some said Thursday night, but others say Friday morning. He sent death threats via text messages to his girlfriend and told her she was next. I have seen rumors on the internet of people saying that the he shot his parents because his girlfriend was pregnant and they kicked him out of the house for getting her pregnant. No that is incorrect. Another was that he killed his friend (the boy who committed suicide) who came after him to look for him. Said he shot him behind the school. No this is incorrect. No students were shot on campus. No gunshots were even fired on campus. I don't even think Nathan Redmond committed suicide at or behind the school. Nathan Redmond from what was told committed suicide because him as a 16 year old just found out his girlfriend is pregnant. This is the only thing I heard about his suicide besides the news stating it is not related to the murders.

I find it so stupid how these murders push the news of a child taking his life out of the news of just a mention, "yes there was a suicide, but cops said it is not linked to the murders and the lockdown" yet they find the time to plaster up about a 91 year old man killing himself, because he was sad about his wife dying the day before. He lived his life. Feel sorrow and move on. We just had one child kill himself (during suicide awareness month none the less) and another turn murder! The monster has gotten more pity, sorrow and so forth given than the family who just lost a child to sorrow. This boy lost his parents by his own hand! Why tell someone on their Facebook that you love him, to stay strong he will make it through this and how much he is going to be missed and he is your best friend. You should tell him that he needs to pray not that you will be praying for him. I pray that justice is shown and he is given the mental help he obviously needs. You can read through his post from this summer and see something is up with this kid. He posted up once that his world has been shattered and when asked why simply states "Taylor" (his girlfriend). When someone asked why what did she do he told them nothing yet, but when she does he will let them know. This is not something from a logical mind!

The family had problems for a year or two. This child had gone through issues yet his parents never seeked the help he apparently needed. Now look at where he's at. They are killed by his hand with a shotgun and he is sitting in police custody. He was going to kill a girl for Christ sake! Someone else's child! All because she dumped him. I am sorry if you weren't a jerk like you admitted to being in a previous post on your Facebook then maybe she wouldn't keep breaking up with you. Young girls seriously need to learn the signs of a possible bad situation. Our schools need to teach them plus the parents how to watch for certain signs. Not only for an outcome like this, but also for signs of a child who is capable of suicide. We need to teach our kids that no matter what happens in life you can be strong and get through it. You don't have to take your life or someone else's life just because your hurt or angry. Drama in teen life comes and goes. There will be more things to come along later. Some possibly worse than the following. You have to be strong and learn from it. Grow from it. Not go and kill your parents then go after your girlfriend! Or take your own life and leave your family here distraught over your loss.

I am really shocked and amazed over this. I am still angered over the post people put on this child's Facebook, because in my eyes I don't see where or how he deserves remorse. It doesn't matter if you know the person. This person you obviously did not know very well if you did not know he was capable of this. Why not have remorse for his family instead. Tell him I can't believe you done this I will be praying for your sister and the rest of your family. The only prayer you get from me is the prayer for your soul as to the fact you just lost it when you pulled the trigger of that shotgun and took your own parents' lives. This is something that really angers me and disgust me. This child is a monster in my eyes and I have zero respect and zero remorse for him as a person. He is no longer a person, but an animal. If people want to stop and be angered by this opinion of mine just stop and think about it like this. What if it was your child at that school yesterday when it went on lockdown? What if that was your daughter he was dating and because she dumped him he texted her threating her? Making her fear she really was going to die. What if he did have that shotgun on him in the school and he did start shooting? What if he took your child's life over something as petty as being dumped? What if you were part of this boy's family? If you were his sister? What if his mom or dad was your sibling and your own nephew just took their life? I know it is what ifs and people think yea, but it didn't happen (as far as kids at the school being hurt). It doesn't matter just put yourself in their shoes and then tell me you can still have remorse for this child other than the sadness of knowing someone that close to your family done this.


Ramblings Of A Stay At Home Mom said...

This is SO sad and tragic. It infuriates me that they pushed the suicide to the side like it didn't even matter. My prayers are with all the families!

Enragedmom said...

I agree with you completely and my child was locked down in this school! He was utterly terrified then saw the swat team hold a 13mm Assault rifle to this boys head in the hallway floor. They have just decided to try him as an adult. That I am thankful for! Bond $1.25 million per charge. I am so angry at this boy for putting all these kids through this. I hope he NEVER sees the light of day again!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't have said it any better. I have read the same posts and thought that are these kids really this out of touch with reality?!? They could have been killed. This kid murdered his parents and came to school like nothing had even happened. Do they actually believe that he wouldn't have killed them just as easy.

I am glad they are choosing to try him as an adult but why only 2nd degree murder with a penalty of 10-25 yrs?? This kind of cold blooded killing deserves 1st degree murder and LIFE in prison.

LC said...

Actually he is looking at prison w/o possibility of parole for each count. I don't know why they decided that not unless they are going to change it or have changed it from second degree to first degree and just not telling the public. He is booked at the OCC now. I can't get over people posting on the news star's site how they should treat him as a child because he is confused and needs intervention and help. He needed intervention and help when he first started showing the small signs of instability not after he murders his own parents while they sleep.