Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Happy Birthday to My Middle Little Man...

My middle son is 5 today! Yay!! I want to cry, because he is growing up so fast. He woke up this morning and it was like I was looking at a young man and not my little 4 year old anymore. We have an awesome birthday planned for him to do on Sunday when everyone is off from work and out of school. Just a family outing and maybe a few people to join us. Build a Bear here we come. Now Runnnnnn!!!

Now on to my daily thought of today. Are some people just completely and totally clueless? I know this is a mean and rude judgement on people, but I feel like people aren't stopping to look at the full complete picture. Dalton Fletcher was indicted yesterday for the murder of his parents. He will be tried as an adult. The local paper's website stated today that he is looking at life in prison without possibility of parole if he is found guilty. I am sure he will be found guilty of the murder since he has already stated that yes he done it. This yes is a 15 year old child. People think he shouldn't be tried as an adult. People think he should be treated as a child. They think he needs intervention and help.

What do I think? I think he is a monster. Intervention and help should have been done before he killed his parents. When those first small signs were showing that he was unstable is when it should have been done. This boy could have a chemical imbalance. He could have watched one too many horror movies and got the wrong idea about murder. He could have sat and thought, "Hey I am a kid so if I do this with how young I am I will get off easy". They have even said in the picture of him in the back seat of the OPSO car he looks lost and confused. Sorry to disappoint everyone, but that is a look of, "Uh Oh!" That is the look any child gets when they realize they are in deep doo doo. From this point on and I quote the DA, "He WILL be treated as an adult." He is now booked in the big boys' jail. He is now in an Orange Jumpsuit like the big boys. He wanted to play like a big boy with a big boy toy now he can face the consequences of not playing nice.

People need to stop and think about this. He killed his parents in cold blood while they slept. Shot both of them in the head. Shot his father twice. Then showered and went to bed as if all was normal. He then got up the next morning like nothing was wrong. He got dressed for school and drove his mom's car there with a shot gun and 3 shells in the trunk. There is uncertainty of why he had the shot gun at school with him, but it was said he had threatened his ex girlfriend and told her she was next all because she broke up with him the night before. He could have taken that gun into the school with an arsenal and shot teachers, staff and students with the mental state he is/was in. If he is capable of killing the people who brought him into this world he is capable of killing anyone.

Now if he was tried as a minor he would probably be out by the time he is 21... I don't know a lot on the law when it comes to that, but this was mentioned by someone else. That is in about 6 years. 6 years people is not a punishment for committing murder in any degree. Okay he gets out in 6 years after being in Green Oaks around other children where he could lose it and hurt one of them with his bare hands just, because they looked at him funny. He gets out at the age of 21 and is okay for a month or so. Then one day say he was in a store. The cashier makes him mad. He walks out and sits and waits. He watches for that cashier to leave the store. He follows her to her home. He notices say she is a single mother with 2 kids. He waits for the right moment and breaks into her house and shoots her and her children dead. Where did our system help any if this happened? That could be your daughter, son, grandkids, sister, brother, cousin and so forth that this could happen to if this monster is not taken off of the streets and out of our community. This is to protect all of you who are sitting at home saying he shouldn't be treated or tried as an adult. You wouldn't be saying that if he hurt your child or one of your family members outside of hurting his own family. I can see his own family each having different opinons on it and mixed opinions and mixed emotions, but us as the public have to look at one thing and its not how he is a minor. It is at the fact that this could have been you. This could have been someone in your family. Just think about that one while you are feeling sorry for this child, because he will be tried as an adult. Instead feel sorry for his family. Feel sorry for his parents, because their son done this and now has people thinking they must have been horrible people then. Feel sorry for his sister for having to been there when it happened. Feel sorry for the rest of their family, because they have to ask why and try and piece together how.

The Fletcher Family (outside from Dalton) are all in my prayers. Dalton himself needs to be the one down on his knees right now praying to the Lord above. He needs to be praying every second for his soul and praying for God's forgiveness. This child's soul was lost the second he pulled that trigger the first shot.

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