Monday, September 13, 2010

It's a Monday... Enough Said!

First I want to say Radio Shack will never get our money again! As many know I had a horrible weekend. First on Friday find out a kid in the area committed suicide Thursday night. Then same night another kid from the same area, school and even friends with this child killed his own parents. From what was said via the grapevine which was told to come from the boy's sister... He took his shotgun and killed his parents while they slept and made his sister sleep in her closet. He then went and showered then went to bed. Got up the next day and went to school in his moms nice shiny silver Caddy with his shotgun and was going to kill his girlfriend. The school was placed on lockdown for almost 2 hours (despite what the news says about it). That was very emotional just because this doesn't happen in our area. Ever! But now it has. A cop a few parishes over was shot and killed over the weekend. More horrible news for our area. Went to the grocery store this morning to hear about a cop in our city just about 5 miles from my house got shot this morning! He is in serious condition still after emergency surgery, but he is stable which is a blessing. He took 3 shots. One in the upper ab, one in the lower ab and one in the wrist. What is going on in our world these days?

Now about Radio Shack. My husband and I have been going through Radio Shack since Feb for our prepaid phones. I got a Blackberry through Boost Mobile which ended up costing well over $300 for phone and activation. My husband got a Motorola iClutch at the time which was a bit over $100 for his plan and phone. Well his phone in my opinion and his sucked. We went in to Radio Shack last week on Tuesday to see what phones they had for prepaid now and at what prices. We seen a LG Rumor Touch through Virgin Mobile. He was going to go back in on Friday when he got paid and get his phone and wait to get it activated. Well I had remembered they had a $25 plan for Virgin Mobile where you have unlimited text, web, email all that and you get 300 minutes a month. My husband is like me. He doesn't talk on a phone much (unless someone really calls or it's an emergency) so he got this plan. The girl rang it all up blah blah blah. Set it up for the $25 plan and by her own human error only charged him $15 and only put $15 to his account. Now this is where it peeves us. She then "called" his cell phone to make sure it was activated before leaving the store. He was having to deal with our 4 (soon to be 5) yr old son so he wasn't really able to notice if the phone had actually rang to show it was active. She did a few other things said here you go your phone is active.

This girl lied to my husband! I guess she didn't want to work harder for her pay to see what she done wrong for it not to be active and hoped it wouldn't be caught. Well we come home after the last bit of his paycheck goes in the gas tank and my husband got the kids an Icee. We come home and he tried to txt me, but I never got it! Well I told my husband to try and call phone so we could see if it was going to work or not. He done so and it told him he had a low balance on his phone. I go to the Virgin Mobile site and look. It stated there was only $15 on his phone! He goes back and looks at his receipt and it shows he only paid $15! $10 short and by today his old phone would be off. We only have cell phones in our home mind you and if at work he has his phone in case of an emergency. Especially since we have a child who has medical problems. It was after 9pm Friday so he was going to have to wait until 9am Saturday morning to call and talk to someone about getting this fixed. He called and told the girl who he dealt with Friday evening that if she didn't fix her mistake Saturday he wanted a refund on the $15 airtime and the phone. He was told they could not refund the airtime, but would be more than happy to refund the phone (this was later in the day). The girl herself had told him she would pay for the extra $10 out of her pocket to fix the problem, because she did not want to lose that commission. She told him when he gets off work to come in to the store and she would leave a note for the others that would be in stating she will be paying the extra $10 out of her pocket. Lie #2!

Well he called to make sure she did before he went over there and dealt with them in person. The girl lied of course and the coworkers knew nothing about it. Now not only was the guy rude towards my husband about the matter telling him sure bring your phone back, but the $15 is a loss to you he also laughed at my husband (as well as the other worker in the background) and hung up on my husband. The guy did end up calling the coworker my husband dealt with and asked her about it. I found this out when I called and demanded to know what was going on. The coworker said that she was going to do the $10 out of her pocket like she promised my husband she would do, but she decided no she was going to wait until today (a whole 3 days after the sale) to talk to the manager and see if she would/could fix it without it costing her money. When I called I got the guy to call the manager himself and ask her about it and the manager said only way it's getting fixed is if my husband spends that $10 to add it to his account. This guy and the worker in the background both started out laughing at me. I informed them I have lots of family in the area who owns businesses so I have grown up around it and I know business etiquette. When I threatened to take my business elsewhere (they get over $100 a month from us off of us coming in through them to pay on our phones) the guy told me ok whatever go ahead. I told him one his comment was not appropriate, his coworkers lies and false promises were not good for the company either and it doesn't say a lot for their store for how they act towards customers. I was on the phone for I don't even know how long with this guy telling him how he should have handled our calls, how he should have talked towards us and how his coworker should not lie. As you might have noticed I can not stand a liar.

I broke down and called Virgin Mobile even though it was not their mistake. Virgin Mobile is so Awesome! They gave my husband the $10 credit to his account for a welcome gift. I strongly recommend Virgin Mobile, but strongly advise to not go through Radio Shack for anything including and especially cell phones! I had a horrible experience with Radio Shack and their extended warranty deal on my cell phone a month or so after I had my phone and was without a phone at all for a month because of it. I still would be without a phone if I hadn't have just called Boost Mobile. They had me a new phone in just a matter of a few days as to with Radio Shack it was going to be almost another month after the 2 weeks of me having to send my phone in before I get my deal in to get a new phone. Also with my husband's bad experience with the store this girl didn't even know about their plans for Virgin Mobile. I looked up online about all of that so we had done our homework. That is just how I am. I want to know what I am going in after when it comes to spending that kind of money. I don't want to depend on someone else who is making money off of the deal if they make this sell to me. She told him he would not have to pay monthly (yet another lie) and that if he doesn't use his 300 minutes at all this month and they last him a year he will not have to pay the $25 for a year. Yes another lie. I even tried to tell my husband she was lying and he said she looked it up on their computer. I told him then she does not comprehend what she reads very well. This was just all around horrible. When we got my phone the guy who worked there that had sold and activated one previously wouldn't even help the girl who sold us mine, because he wanted to leave and go on break. This is not what working in a place is about!?!?! They seriously need to rehire people. I even apply here last year and I didn't get a job there! I guess they only hire complete idiots.

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