Friday, December 31, 2010

8 hours and counting...

It is 8 hours until 2011 graces us with it's presence. I am looking forward to the new year. Most people probably would ask me why considering first thing off the bat this upcoming new year my baby boy will be under going surgery to possibly have his left kidney completely removed. Yes I am nervous about his surgery that is coming up. If I slowed down and thought about it I would be curled up in a ball depressed and crying over it until he had it done and came out completely ok. However one of my new me things I have started is to try and worry less. I have plenty of other things to worry about here and now. I will worry with that when the day is here.

Also me and my husband are hoping to improve our situation the past has dropped us in the middle of. We want to be able to have things on our own and stand on our own two feet and survive again without people holding our hand. With this I am learning how to budget and cut our cost in half on things I can cut in half. We have our few luxuries such as cable tv (which without it we wouldn't even have local channels), internet (which I use to help homeschool my middle child and will be using for help on budgeting and couponing), home phone (helps a lot when I am at home and my cell is dead or decides it doesn't want to pick up a signal), our prepaid cell phones (great for keeping people up to date on how the baby's doctor appointment is going, surgeries or let someone know I am running late so my son isn't left at school with no one to pick him up). We have our video games which we buy as cheap as possible. I have learned if there is a new game released and it cost $60 - $30 new I can probably either find it cheaper used or we can wait till it is marked down for used or new. We can find good games for our PS3 cheap for $10 sometimes. I love to look at online sales and search my favorite sites to see if I can find it cheaper. Sometimes you can find things like that really cheap special sales for store like Toys R Us and so forth.

I am learning a lot about how to save money on things from Health and Beauty items to my groceries I buy each week - month. The way things are now a days every penny saved is a blessing. Now I won't turn into this one lady who had 9 buggies full of stuff on Extreme Couponers who bought over $1000 worth for $50 and some change. This woman no lie bought thousands of boxes of pasta! Over 100 candy bars. I do plan on still being healthy with my choices. I am not going to fill my entire house with stuff that will either waste or cause health problems just, because I can get this much stuff for almost free. One guy even bought tons of hand soap just because he could get them all for free with his coupons. That is insane. Who is going to use 50 things of hand soap? I might "stockpile" 10 bottles of it at most, but that is because I have 3 children 8 and under. They can go through some hand soap now. Toothpaste too! My youngest thinks he must clean the counter, sink and his body with toothpaste sometimes. Our bathroom shall never have cavities.

Another thing I am looking forward to in 2011. Telling certain people who seem to enjoy holding stuff over my head and making me feel bad about myself bye. I will hopefully have every person who holds me back removed for good from my life. I don't care who said people are or whatever so called role they play in my life or past they will no longer be here for my future. I do not want negativity in my future, life or family anymore. My new motto for 2011 is going to be positive thinking, positive motivating and a can do attitude. I know I will probably still think I can't sometimes I am human after all, but I am hoping to push most of the I can't out and have more Can do. Even if I have to say I can do this, but I will need some help to do so. I will not be afraid to ask for help when needed. I will be a little more selective on who I except said help from, because again a certain negative nelly likes to hold her help over someone's head and say you owe me where is mine. Be it money, time or help back. These are the type of people I want to erase from my life and my future. I hope to not come across anymore like this either.

Now with that all said I sit and wait for the new year to come in. Also another thing I look forward to in 2011. The last day of 2011. Not because it will bring another new year or because I will be closer to being another year older, but because each year I end weither it is full of mostly good or mostly bad stuff I end it with my husband and children. I end it with another year I have been married to my loving husband. We have had our good and our bad times. Our ups and our downs. Every marriage has them and that is what makes a marriage "perfect", because your spouse stood beside your side through them all and excepts you still this day the way they did in the beginning. They look at you with love, caring and kindness. They don't look at you and think your imperfect. To them no matter what you are always perfect. 2011 will bring my 10 year wedding anniversary on the last day of the year. So as I celebrate my 9 year wedding anniversary today I am bringing in a new year and a fresh beginning with my husband and my children by my side.

Hope everyone has a Happy, Healthy and Safe New Year!

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See you in 2011,

Wendy aka Momma

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