Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday... 2010

Well A Twitter friend of mine does this really neat little thing every Tuesday. It is called Top Ten Tuesday. She list a top ten list of different things for different topics. Anywhere from favorite holiday memory to favorite children's books. Her blog is totally awesome by the way and you guys should totally check it out here:

Now here is my Top Ten Tuesday List...
The Top Ten (good and bad) of 2010.


*10* Spending New Year Day as a family after the year we had in 2009.

*09* My awesome birthday. It was the first time my baby boy sucked through a straw. :) This was a huge accomplishment and meant his Palate surgery worked out great!

*08* 2 days after my awesome birthday my baby boy ended up in the hospital. This was also 2 days before his birthday (which was not so awesome).

*07* My baby boy's 3rd birthday. Even though he spent it in the hospital hooked up to an IV we made it a special day. I cried though, because his nurses came in to take blood and do a cath on him. He was all happy and was telling them "It's my Birthday". After being so happy and excited that it was his birthday he had to endure pain. Unfortunately this memory still makes me cry.

*06* Being told my baby boy's left kidney was abnormal and enlarged.

*05* All of the trips to the doctor in Shreveport once a month. My little guy really is a strong one to deal with all of the test and trips. He definitely is stronger than his mommy.

*04* Thanksgiving 2010... Filled with lots and lots of food. We even took a Thanksgiving Dinner to a family who doesn't have a lot.

*03* Cub Scouts till they made me mad, never got organized and I am still waiting on my refund.

*02* Being told my baby boy is looking at having his kidney removed if they can't remove the blockage in the first month of 2011.

*01* Spending my 9 year wedding anniversary with my family on New Years Eve where we can ring in the New Year together as always. :)

These are the 10 memories good and bad that came to mind in that order. I saved my Wedding Anniversary for last, because that is a day yet to come. :) 3 days to go till 2011 is here.

If you have a Top Ten and want to join in just simply link up to Sluiter Nation's Top Ten (above) and have fun with it!


Miranda said...

I'm sorry your son went through so much in 2010. I hope he has a much better and much healthier 2011! And I love that you took food to a less fortunate family on Thanksgiving. That's a very vivid memory from my childhood and I can't wait to do the same with Joshua.

Kimberly said...

You know, that was a lot to go through. I can't even imagine my son having to face all of that. My thoughts are with you both!
PS. Happy Anniversary ;)

Sluiter Nation said...

what a hard year for your little guy! I can't even imagine. It's one thing when we have to endure it all ourselves, it's another when we can't take the burden off our little ones. love to you momma!