Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas has come and gone...

The week following up to Christmas for me was a rough one. My mother had come to stay with us for at most 2 days. It went from well 2 days to 4 days. From 4 days to she was living with us. All of this without asking or consulting with me and my husband. There was no adult conversation about any of it. She tried to use my children against us on her weaseling in. End result... I had to kick her out of my home day before Christmas Eve. I had to be the bad daughter she tells everyone I am so I could be a good mother and keep my children healthy.

My mother is a smoker you see. Our home is a smoke free home. My husband quit smoking 3 years ago and even now he will smoke a cigar once in a blue moon. He smokes way out away from the house and the smell is not brought in off of his clothes. My mother went from smoking away from the house to smoking in front of the front door where the stink and smoke would seep in due to my baby boy opening the front door to see where grandma is. She then stopped spraying febreeze on herself which allowed it to come in strong on her clothes.

My house smelt like an ashtray. My youngest and my oldest were getting sick with sinus colds from it. When she was told of this her deal was no there is a virus going around. I told her she had to leave because she couldn't respect my children's health. She also claimed the stink was all in my head and/or I was just making it up to be a Bitch to her. When I tried to explain to her why she can't smell herself she started yelling about yea she's a smoker and blah blah blah. This is when I told her she had to leave and not come back.

Mind you I have not heard from my so called mother since. That is until 1 something today. She texted me wanting me to run her errands for her, because she has no way to go. Never got a Merry Christmas from her. Never got a text letting me know she got my text about her mail she got in Friday. Never even asked how her grandchildren's Christmas was. That's right. My "mother" is one of these people that if it is not all about her she does not care. Unless it is her giving my children tons of stuff for Christmas to make them happy and telling them it is all from her then she thinks they don't need it. She was mad because I spent money on them instead of giving her said money.

Now on to our Christmas. Night before Christmas Eve after she was gone that day was good. It was relaxed more and my head actually stopped hurting. I was suffering from horrid migraines and chest pains while she was here. I am guessing high blood pressure since my resting heart rate was high. We did a little brave shopping night before Christmas Eve. Went to GameStop and got some PS3 games to go with the new PS3. Told the children the games were for someone else not us, because we don't have a PS3. Went and ate at Raising Canes and enjoyed some family time. Did the bravest thing ever and adventured into Walmart. My husband picked up a last minute gift for our middle son, because Walmart finally had what he asked for in. Bought my Anniversary gift and had it sent off to be sized (it is a beautiful ring thats nice and sparkles). Had to get some pie crust and a few other things. Walmart wasn't horribly bad. Just a bit busy.

We then came home and surprised the kids with the PS3 (which we are renting for the time being from Rent a Center until We are able to buy one) just to find out surprise the PS3 isn't sending out video to the TV. Returned that one on Friday and got a PS3 move for a loaner. It is really neat! We have enjoyed it. I like the fact I can watch Netflix on my TV through it. Christmas day came and my husband cooked the turkey and his pumpkin pies. I made the sides and some pumpkin bread. Also made some rice krispy treats. My brother in law came and brought his wife and youngest son along with him. We all ate and chatted. Watched Salt after we all ate and the kids went and played. It was a nice evening.

Day after Christmas (yesterday) we relaxed around the house and then that evening went to my cousin's house. The kids got to play and had some more Christmas stuff waiting for them there. They made out like bandits this year with presents from us, Santa and my cousin and her boyfriend. They all were happy with what they got and who they got to see. It was a nice Christmas. We had a few emotional break downs amongst the little ones. It is to be expected, but all in all it was great.

Now here it sits 4 days to New Years Eve. Not only the day we say good bye to the old year and get ready for the new, but also the day I will be celebrating my 9 year wedding Anniversary. Mind you we had planned to do something special this day, because my mother was going to babysit my kids while we went out somewhere and ate just us. Now we have to plan something less extravagant and include the children in our plans. It is all good though. We will be ringing in the new year together as a family. We are happy and healthy (for the most part considering my little guy has surgery coming up in the first month of the new year) and we will all be together.

I am ready to say hello to 2011. I will take with me the good things I got from 2010 and say good bye to the bad. I will be ready to start a new and improve what I can from the mistakes I have learned from. I will hold my head up high. I will not let others bring me down (this is a new found strength I have learned to have in my life again after it was lost for many years). I will not be as hard on myself and will remind myself daily I am not perfect, but it is ok to stride to be better. I am ready to make new memories in 2011.


Anonymous said...

where to begin,my christmas was nice also, spent it with the kids enjoyed watchnig them open presents and scatter the wrapping paper from one end to the other of the house LOL. I suppose my favorite part was the meal itself, i enjoy sitting around the table saying what we have been thankful for during the year, of course me being an aunt i had to be thankful that i get to spend time with the kids each day and that i can be apart of their lives. I think that over all this year has actually sucked for me and the family, we have been on an uphill rollercoaster with mental issues in one person,to another babie coming in another and lord help us on that one,granted i am excited for another neice, i just hope she is healthy. this new year i am hoping comes joy for us all,maybe even some blessings that we all need, i hope that your son recieves a successful surgery,i hope that your other children thrive as well. I am hoping i can move on to another part of my life where its just me without all the kids consistenly all day, who knows maybe it will all fall into place eventually. take care and god bless

Kimberly said...

Oh my. I can't web imagine. We had a bit of family drama between my younger brother and dad which resulted
In my dad staying home on Christmas eve but it turned out ok.
So sorry that you had to go through that!